Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hot fun in the . . . autumn time ?

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Decided I’d treat m’self to a couple patterns – the ones I’ve wanted for a while - with the last of my fun funds after I stitched up a good version of the Leia costume and the outfit Dearest Son commissioned. Since there’s no sale soon ending on any of the patterns I like, there’s no rush to get them, and I really need to finish a couple halfway done projects before I take on anything else. Especially the delightful distraction of something new. Although, I admit, it was difficult not to do something nice for m’self after all this driving to OldTown. . . but I decided that was better assuaged with a huge bag of cheese popcorn.

So, against my usual inclination, I had to go out again today. Junior-kitty was out of kibble, knew it, and was not at all happy with the situation despite the unexpected gooshy food this morning, plus my nearly finished DP&M hoodie lacked one thing – a separating zipper. I have probably about 200 zippers, three of them separating, all too darn huge for the project. Never sewn one of those before, but I will tonight ! I also needed a few things for tomorrow’s dinner, might as well get it all done at once. 

Mal-Wart has cat food, but no separating zippers, and Dearest Son found a movie to spend the last of his funds on. There was also a delicious abundance of markdown bakery bread – so good ! Got what else we needed, and we were on our way to Dollar Tree. In addition to our usual snacks, I found a cute little ceramic bench, part of their Halloween village, and snagged it. It’s perfect for Mega Bloks Ghoulia ! She could share it if they ever make a Slow Moe figure. Photo soon. 

I can also tell you that Jeff Foxworthy’s Southern Creations Cheddar Cheese Grit Chips are OK, but nothing stellar in the snack galaxy. They kind of taste like generic Fritos, but wider, with a slight hint of cheese, not as salty. Not bad, but not amazing. 

Dearest wasn’t interested in Hancock Fabrics, so I went alone later. Snagged two separating zippers and three half-yards of ‘Spot the Bolt’ markdown fabric for less than six bucks, with all the sales and a ‘10% off everything’ coupon from the mailer. It was funny how all the short, small zippers were at least a buck more than the longer, bigger ones. My choices are more or less in the middle. Still, can’t complain when I get all that for such little money. 

Unfortunately, by the time I got everything done I had to, it was 10pm and I was just too out of it to sew the zipper. So I cheap-serged the edges and some new fabric – that counts – and I’m calling it a day. Fun is exhausting !

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