Saturday, September 12, 2015

Even when it's not your bag, car shows can be fun !

Today was the big car show out at the county fairgrounds, an event Dearest Son had been looking forward to for the past month. I wasn’t much in a mood for it, but it was a cool, bright morning, and I needed the exercise and sunshine, bad. So we were there as it opened, and traffic was already starting to snarl. Several events were taking place at the site, plus a hundreds-huge soccer tournament was already in progress down the street. However, we lucked into a fantastic parking space and were there over two hours, filling our eyes with at least 60 stunning autos of all ages. Dearest impressed several much older car enthusiasts with his encyclopedic knowledge of car engines and other minutia, and took his fill of photos. Once home, he read me the total – 103 shots, not counting the dozen or so I took. My favorite was a finned beauty that was white on top, yellow beneath the fin, like a lemon meringue pie ! There were images of the owners’ families with it, including an old wedding photo, in the windows.

We toured the show once, then took a break at one of the concession stands, wandered around a goat and rabbit exhibit, then meandered around the gorgeous cars once again. Portable food’s kind of pricey, so we shared a shaved ice slushie – the ‘small’ was $3., the ‘medium’ was a dollar more, but came with a silk-flower lei. You can guess what we ordered. I was given a lovely all-white-flower one, a perfect accessory to my favorite emerald-green shirt. Since I got the lei, he got about 80% of the slushie, which was delicious. I promised we’d get snacks on the way home. The family at the table with us split a plate of nachos which, frankly, looked like it’d already been eaten once and didn’t smell much better. I figured we’d hold out for McD’s for lunch, a better and cheaper choice.

Gave our great parking space to a nice lady who actually clapped when I gestured that we were leaving – it’s always awesome when you get to think you helped make someone’s day. Getting back on the main road was a colossal mess, but I only cursed two people and we were home with snacks and sodas for everyone just as it got hot, and as Beloved Hubby was returning from a short work-day. He promised me some ‘quiet’ (i.e., no guys) time tomorrow for doing this today, but I had a great time, so I doubt I’ll take him up on it. Still, I’ve been sorta wanting to go to GoodWill . .

Darn near nodded off in my chair after lunch, so I got to work on the last project of Organza Week – a small, doll-sized drawstring bag. All of my drawstring bags are the ‘only one string on the top, right at the hem’ kind, so I decided to try to make the ‘two strings in a channel a bit further down’ kind. Came out OK, but I probably should have looked for a tutorial, to make it easier. Plus, I didn’t think to hem the ends of the channels. Still, it’s small enough to not easily show my many errors, and I got the basics right, so it’s all good in my book ! Tomorrow, I can make something else – if I can just make up my mind what !

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