Saturday, September 19, 2015

Two Princesses !

Ugh. Forgot it was Game Day ‘til I was halfway to the Post Office to mail some bills and drop City Of’s tribute in the overnight slot. Wasn’t too bad, but by the time I got Knockoff Elsa II and did some touring around, the game was over, and traffic, even on my side of town, was getting epically bad. So many cars were running lights, it took me three cycles to turn down my street, and there was only one car ahead of me !

But, hey, I got my doll – they still had all four, and I chose the best dressed – and some sale sodas and snacks from the grocer down the street. It always feels good to just wander around and cherry-pick the goodies. Pork sirloin chops at 99¢ a pound ? Pop Tarts – the name brand ! – at a buck a box, thanks to a sale and doubled coupon stuck to the box ? You know I’m there ! And I don’t even eat Pop Tarts, they hurt my teeth. Dearest Son loves ‘em, though.

Found DVD copies of Transformers for Dearest, and Good Night and Good Luck for Beloved Hubby – they’ve both wanted them for a while, and I was happy to see them at the pawn shop that sells ‘em for a dollar each. Dearest wants to bulk up our collection before we ditch cable in a couple months.

Once home, I wondered – this new Elsa was heavier, with better hair. . . which one should I keep ? In the new doll’s favor, she ‘felt’ more like a DP&M doll, and her hair was not only better styled, but also better rooted, but in the negative column, her feet were even smaller than Animator  Bree’s, so her shoes were useless to anyone but her, and I’d have to re-jigger the machine embroidery patterns, and she was dirty. Not stained, dirty. And not all of it came off with a licked tissue. In the neither positive nor negative, her color was noticeably less pale than Elsa I’s.

I’ve already made up my mind, but I’d love to hear your opinion – if both were in your collection, which would you keep ? Her dress really is awesome, cheap Velcro ™, but otherwise nice, a very attractive design. The snowflakes and blue satin go all the way around ! And I think it fits Elsa I better than it fit the doll it came on.

I made something that’s not perfect, but I’ve tried to sew for years – and today, I got it ! Share with you tomorrow !

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  1. The paler one (Elsa1?) is prettier and she wears the same shoes as other dolls you have which saves sewing time and multiplies wardrobe options so I'd pick her.