Wednesday, September 2, 2015

No good deed, or improved attitude, goes unpunished. . .

Got a text bright and early today. Instead of going back to OldTown’s pharmacy Thursday or Friday (which I already loathe doing, but am resigned to, if only so I don’t work m’self into another fit like last time) as they planned, FIL wants to go this evening at 5pm. 

I swear, just when I  start feeling good about me and the right way to get through their mess, he pops something like this out. Beloved Hubby’s comment, that ‘they’re probably out of his pain meds, thanks for putting up with their crap, working late tonight’ isn’t much help when I’m tired and little thin from contact yesterday, with little recovery time. Driving a carload of adults around in 97° weather with no air conditioning, then getting in and out of said car seven or eight times and wandering around for three hours ‘cause there’s really nowhere we can sit down indoors unless we order food can be a bit tiring. Plus, I’m the kind of introvert who needs solo time after dealing up close with anybody, especially after five hours that included ‘Thanks for the drive, the sodas, and the snacks, but our other DIL, who’s halfway across the country. . .' Insert litany of her awesomeness here. 

Yup. Their other DIL, who they’ve never met, is far superior a person than I am. All they have gleaned this from is Golden Boy BIL and her endless granola and earth goddess Facebook postings, back when they had internet. (sigh) Yes, I know, my bitterness is showing (more like rolling like a flag in a tornado), but it left me a bit raw, so I was looking forward to at least a day without having to face them again, forget about the little digs and, frankly, them, for a little while. Denied ! And I’m not even getting gas money for all this. We actually paid for everything yesterday, ‘cause they’re broke. (growling sigh)

Well, at least it’ll be done, and it’ll be too darn bad if they want anything else out of me for the rest of the week (mutters ‘month’ under my breath). And I had all day to get used to it and over it. But at this rate, I’d be lucky to sew a tear in a shirt, as I had neglected housework to catch up on (stuff that didn’t get done yesterday), which now had to be done early, instead of relaxing over a new doll dress as I planned. (expletive deleted)

Plotted out my newly scrambled day and decided to try that zip-front hoodie pattern that was our reward for finishing Jen Wrenne’s Summer Knit sew along – pictured here. I’d printed and cut out the Maplelea version of the pattern the day I got it, but that was all. Cut the pieces from one of the thrift grab-bag t-shirts before I got to work on the messy kitchen. At least that got done. 

But I didn’t get back to it ‘til after 10pm. Still, it went quickly, and aside from a too-small hood and too long sleeves (both easily fixed on the next one), it looks pretty good, especially for starting out today as a thrift-scrapped t-shirt. You can’t see it, but the front pockets and hood are lined in that ‘space’ fabric I like so much. I could just hem the front and be done, but I want to add the zipper, too tired to tonight. Plus, of the 200+ zippers I own, only three are separating – desperately needed on this project – and they all look like oversized awful on this jacket. So, I’m gonna buy at least one while they’re on sale at Hancock Fabrics. At least I’m too broke to walk outta there with much more than that !

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  1. Wow! The hoodie looks fantastic so far!

    Psh, I think you're well within rights to impose a "once per week maximum" cap on IL visit/trips.