Monday, September 21, 2015

Jem is jealous.

Meet Miko !

Up early to scoot to Mal-Wart’s pharmacy, soon as they opened – one of Dearest Son’s scripts had run out yesterday, and he needed them today (plus, my butt was too lazy and over-fed to pick ‘em up yesterday). 

Since Beloved Hubby was home, and there was no rush, I took a look around. And came home with socks for my guys, and another doll. I’d seen an ad for the new Barbie Rock N Royals, the latest ‘princess rock star’ direct-to-DVD babysitter (what, they couldn’t make her a fairy princess unicorn rock star ?) from Mattel and thought that the deep-background keytarist might be a good match for the head rolling around in my purse. What, everyone should keep a doll head in a baggie with them at all times, ya never know when an episode of Let’s Make A Deal will break out. Plus, the shock and humor value at cash registers is off the charts !

It’s kind of funny, the ad showed the ‘highly detailed’ keytar, while I scoffed. ‘On the real doll,’ I thought, ‘that’ll be a flat sticker’. Guess what, it is. But she’s darn near a spot-on match, so I looked for the one with the best costume – twice in one week, when it’s usually the face I’m focused on – and rather than make her stand around in boxed suspense, the deed is already done. I kinda feel cheated, it’s that ‘no knee joints’ style doll, but it’s still a better body than the one this head had. It’s just that.  . . (sigh) I’m old enough to remember the h-u-g-e deal that Mattel made about its bending legs, but also young enough that my first (Malibu) Barbie had them, so I more-or-less take it for granted that Barbie dolls’ legs bend, so I feel ripped off to get ‘My First Barbie’ when I definitely bought a doll for older kids. I’m very much older than three. Plus, given their ties to a kids’ movie, I would expect Playline dolls, not Model Muse.

I’m happy, though. I like her slightly attitudinal pose, and between the keytar and metallic costume, she looks like a Jem competitor. Not as mean as The Misfits, not as love-starved as The Stingers... they need a new name, Barbie Rock N Royals just won’t cut it. Nowhere near 80s enough !

Also today, I took a breath and cut into yesterday’s wrap dress, and made it a real wrap-around dress. The black ribbon ties actually hold this one together, instead of a belt. You know I hate risking something that’s otherwise good, but I said to m’self that I would, I just had to figure things out. It’s been so long since I wore a wrap-around skirt, I forgot how they worked ! I did cheat and use ribbons instead of making ties, and I still think it’s odd how the one side is belt-covered twice, but I like how it looks. Need a bit more practice on button-holes, too.

Game Day tomorrow ! And Aldi’s, too. Wednesday, I’m taking MIL to Hancock Fabrics, she has to sign up for the sales papers in a retail store. That’s OK, I have hardly any black ribbon, so I wanna look around.


  1. Hello from Spain: I really like these dolls. Lovely girls. Nice looks. Keep in touch

  2. Oh, I love how your rebodied doll looks!