Saturday, September 5, 2015

Something for the littler ones !

Had all the time in the world today to sleep as long as I wanted, uninterrupted. So I did ! I’m amazed I woke up before noon, but then again, I was in bed before midnight. Made a quick grocery run, poked around a little. Once home, I vowed I wasn’t going anywhere. First Game Day of the season. No way was I driving again – the normally dozing at that hour grocery was hopping !

 Still wasn’t in a mood to tackle a project (mermaid fin, Leia dress, commissioned dress – take your pick, I wasn’t interested in any of ‘em), and was meandering around Etsy and Pinterest by turns, with occasional Facebook visits – you know, the usual semi-bored while you’re eating lunch – when I saw a familiar freebie pants pattern. I’d already downloaded it long before I got a Disney Animator doll, but now that I had one, the simple pants were far more interesting. Downloaded it again, just in case, and did some measuring. Luckily, I didn’t have to read Finnish for that ! At least, I think it’s Finnish. Was far too lazy to translate it. 

Good thing the author wrote out the measurements, ‘cause the printout was waaaay off. Trimmed the pattern image down, resized it to her listed numbers, and printed it again. Looked like it’d work, and that t-shirt I cut up for Aurora’s hoodie was still on the cutting board, so why not ? Used the last of the shirt’s hem on the pants’ hems, I’m lazy that way. 

Turned out OK, but they’re kind of tight, no elastic needed. Legs are a bit too long (and yes, I did eliminate the hem allowance when I cut the fabric), and the waistband, if I hadn’t folded it over, would be just under that crop-top old shirt of PDorrie’s. Made the minor alterations on the pattern, and I’m already looking forward to making another pair of pull-ons. When KJ cooperates, they only take about a half hour, since I don’t have to string elastic through the casing, and they don’t drop at the seat when the doll’s sitting. 

If you’re wondering why there’s a filly picture of MLP’s Rarity on the pattern, that’s ‘cause we reuse paper a lot around here. This was that sheet’s fourth use ! We’re still using some of the stuff Dearest Son dragged home in his second-grade folder, but it should be gone in another month or so. 

I also finally got her name. She wasn’t too keen on ‘Briar Rose’ or even ‘Rose’, but ‘Bree’ wasn’t quite right either. Eventually, she settled on ‘Ree’. Not sure how she got ‘Ree’ out of ‘Briar Rose’, but she’s happy, and now I know her name. Stop laughing at me. 

Later today, or whenever, I’ll try these pants on the other LDP girls, see if they fit the Playmates and Tolly Tots versions. It’d be nice to have one pattern to fit them all ! Then I could tweak it for wovens, too.

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