Friday, September 11, 2015

Yay ! I did it - Materials-that-fray shoes !

And Organza Week continues ! Frankly, I’m starting to run out of ideas, so I decided to try something I’ve been meaning to do in a dozen other materials for weeks – machine embroidery doll shoes ! Sure, I can make ‘em with felt just fine, but wouldn’t it be grand to have shoes to match darn near anything I create ? I confess, I’ve been a bit nervous about attempting to use materials that can fray, from what I can tell, nobody has ! It’s felt and vinyl and sometimes very thin leather, all the way. And I can also tell ya, organza frays like anything – one hard sneeze and the pretty print you just cut out is now a handful of split-end kitten whiskers.

Still, I’ve made enough little felt slippers to feel fairly confident with the design, so I went for it. Thanks to yesterday’s sleep mask, the right color thread was already loaded, always a plus. Decided to go with a single thickness of organza, two probably would have looked busy. One would nearly resemble antique Oriental slippers, especially if I went with my very plentiful white felt. Knowing what I know now, though, I could easily have gone with a double layer without problems.  

Half an hour later, there they were. Few months ago, I asked if anyone had tried that design – originally for AG dolls, I tweaked it to suit the DP&M girls – with fray-prone fabrics, and if so, did they apply Fray Check, and at what point in production ? All I got was a round of dismissive ‘Why would you want to do that ?’ , or just plain waved away with a sort of ‘don’t bother the big people, go play somewhere else’ attitude, never an answer. Well, I got what I needed, and yeah, I’ll probably Fray Check ‘em later today, just to be safe. Nothin’ like doing things for your own darn self, no matter what anyone else thinks.

I have one more idea in mind for the end of Organza Week, nothing spectacular – I’m kind of looking forward to sewing something else for a while !


  1. Oh, so gorgeous! You're right about using Fray-Check to avoid having your work unravel.
    If you want aa sturdier feel you might use two layers but have the bottom one be plain and use the patterned fabric only on the outer layer.

  2. Oh wow! Those slippers came out SUPER cute!