Friday, September 25, 2015

Timey, Queen of Hearts !

Had some fun yesterday and today with those heart designs I bought for the Cardiology department at the VA – they’re ones that installed my ICD. I hope to have at least ten more, in other colors and threads, by my next appointment. They stitched out perfectly. Both designs are from Etsy’s Nana Made 4 U, and you know me, I subscribed to her Facebook and bought when I got notification of a sale. I couldn’t make up my mind which design the doctors and staff would like, so I decided on both ! This is the marine vinyl I bought at the first of the month from Jo-Ann’s – I hope to crack into the variegated darker red vinyl from Tuesday’s Hancock Fabrics run sometime this weekend. I’d like to take an even dozen in to my next Cardiac appointment. Too bad I can’t remember when that is – I think it’s November, sometime.

I did the ‘pulse’ design Thursday, with the new Sulky HoloShimmer plastic-like ‘thread’ – it stitched beautifully, without a single break. I love that stuff ! I got some greenish iridescent, too, and wanna use it soon. Might get some variegated red/pink/white for the arteries, for kicks. Believe it or not, Friday’s ‘real heart’ design uses three different colors, but two are hard to tell apart on the finished work.

Nana Made also has a set of realistic lungs and a heart-shaped stethoscope that I’d love to make for my awesome respiratory therapist – every time I’ve been admitted, he’s been there ! – and the always super-cool Nurse J. I can afford the designs, no problem, but I have no idea how to get the finished keyfobs to them. I can’t remember his name, and all I know is her first name. May have to ask for help during my next appointment.

I think the cold’s settling in, I’ve been stuffing semi-used tissues in my pockets, for sudden need. I hate having colds !


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  2. Wow, those are great gifts for them. My mom was a RN and she treasures the gifts, cards and letters she got from her patients.