Monday, August 31, 2015

Under the sea-quinns. . .

Guess what costume Punzie’s considering ? Luckily, I got dozens of patterns for the bottom part, it’s just a matter of picking out the best and snagging some fabric.  Bent three needles shortening that dollar headband – 70¢ with my coupon ! – I bought yesterday. Still not sure why that kept happening, I was going slow and careful. Needed to be replaced anyway. The shorter, cut-away piece is just big enough for a Barbie skirt, so yay, bonus ! When asked about the ribbon scrap tied around her wrist and through her fingers, Punzie thought that it must be hard to hold and carry stuff underwater, so the ribbon and knot might help. Plus, it looks cool. Creative one, our Punzie. 

Decided that fichu I made is just too big for them, so I gave it to Timey and Dottie and Chatty – I think D’Ella wants it, too. Gonna rework it in the smallest size, but maybe in color this time. Got a spool of neat fuchsia trim on markdown that I’d like to use, and I won’t need as much fabric. Not even sure why I want a fill-in lace collar so much – Belle’s village dress fichu was just a plain white kerchief – but why not, since I got a pattern and yards and miles of everything I need, and it doesn’t take that long. 

Beloved Hubby wasn’t feeling well today, so while  he and Dearest Son slept, I returned the Frozen coloring book to JoAnn’s – and discovered that they don’t accept returns on clearance goods. However, on learning I just wanted to trade them for other clearance stuff – namely, a couple more blind-bag dog tag necklaces – they made an exception for me. Got the piping I wanted, and they let me use a phone-book Hobby Lobby coupon for 40% off. They only had about three colors of the stuff, good thing I wanted green ! 

Had another 60% off any non-discounted fabric coupon, so I looked around a bit. Since I was still thinking of Punzie’s costume, I borrowed another headband, in case I saw something that’d work with it. Nothing in remnants (still confusingly priced), nothing in markdowns. However, over in Performance Fabrics, I found something gorgeous – and it was even prettier on the front ! It was also possibly the most expensive fabric I ever bought at $24.99/yd, but half a yard at 60% off made it doable. Put the headband back, and left with three more necklaces, the piping, and the stunningly amazing fabric for less than $7. Yaaay !  

Gotta take M & FIL to their appointment in OldTown tomorrow – their usual ride is probably tired, he hasn’t been returning calls, and they’re too broke to even offer gas money. Ah, well. I’ll get to go to the thrift I like, maybe go to that grocery store with the good $1. aisle. Hopefully, I can also pick up my Pyrex from our last visit, too. Think I’ll tie a string around the steering wheel, so I don’t forget.  


  1. I just love that you call Rapunzel "Punzie" too! I think it's such a cute nickname for her!

    You've been tagged!