Friday, September 18, 2015

You know how I get, when there's a pattern I like !

Told Beloved Hubby about the Family Dollar knockoff Elsa, and my plan to steal the doll’s dress (and maybe her shoes), redress her with a few more outfits tossed in the box, and donate her – and he thinks it’s a great idea. So I’ll probably go snag mine sometime this weekend. I’m thinking of  leggings, a reversible skirt, matching reversible shirt, and at least one dress, maybe some shoes.

Meanwhile, I cleaned up the Arena, and came to the too-small-for-DP&M  Phoebe & Egg ‘Sasha’ pattern. Hated to throw it out, even though the ‘Phoebe’ pattern worked much better, plus I found myself wanting to make another wrap dress. So I grabbed Bree and Elsa and tried the green ‘Sasha’ wrap dress on Bree. Fit OK, but a bit low where the front parts met – the Animators-style body features a large belly, so it didn’t cross over very much. Even the Timey body, which mimics a toddler’s barrel–like trunk, isn’t that big-bellied.  Speaking of which, Phoebe & Egg also has the wrap dress in an AG size, which is a fairly good fit for Timey, Dottie, and Chatty. . .

Since I’d already altered the ‘Sasha’ pattern to accommodate the larger arms my dolls tend to have, about all I had to do was widen the front pieces just a bit and shorten the skirt. Elsa’s green dress was almost floor-length on Bree ! Found a scrap I really liked, but there wasn’t even enough of it for the whole bodice, just the front parts. Underneath it was a pretty white eyelet piece, big enough for the skirt and back. Looked like another wrap dress in the works !

And there it is. Still wanna tweak that neckline, it still seems a bit low to me, but Dearest Son wants one for his doll, so I got a reason ! I like how it came out, and maybe next time, I’ll actually put a snap – or wrap-around ties ! – on it.


  1. Looks fine to me, sometimes too much overlapping looks bulky.

  2. Love the wrap dress, it looks so professional!