Tuesday, September 15, 2015

This is what she looks like with her hair down !

And here’s yesterday’s sewing – Elsa’s dress – and today’s, Elsa’s matching shoes. Her gown is a sleeve, machine hemmed and pulled up around her neck, fastened with a hand-sewn hook and eye from the stash. I think it came from a recycled bra, although I have plenty of dressmaker- type new ones. 

While her shoes look familiar, they’re a new technique to me, as there’s no felt in ‘em. Nope, they’re both all dress fabric, upper and sole, cut from the other dress sleeve. I was lucky to remember in time to make sure the nap of the velvet all went the same way ! They’re a little loose on Elsa, since knockoffs are almost always a bit smaller than their sources, but I think they look great, and now I know I can do it, especially if the fabric’s stretchy. Hmm…. what else can I do with this stuff ?

I have at least one more dress planned for the dress’ fabric, you know I have to use that decoration on the front ! I’ll probably use the ‘skirt to doll dress’ directions here, which calls for a facing. Heck, I had thread in the stash to match, both sewing and embroidery, so I’ll probably be able to find a t-shirt that’ll work just fine as a facing.

Otherwise it was a rather boring day, Dearest Son slept through Game Day, so I had plenty of time to sew. Even re-arranged some furniture in the Arena – last time Beloved Hubby wanted to watch a movie in here with me, he didn’t have a surface for his supper. Liberated another milk crate and moved the Wii and DVR to it, which freed up a tray table. True, we could just buy another tray table, the wood ones are only $9. at Mal-Wart, but hey, this way, we didn’t spend $9. ! Bonus – available portable surface when I need one, too !

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