Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Head crafts.

Decided kinda late last night that I wanted something new and pretty to wear today, so I started the ground-work on AKA Embroidery’s ‘Scattered Leaves Headband Slider’. While even I sometimes make it sound like machine embroidery is just ‘load the thread and hit the button’, that’s far from reality. I watched a virtual stitch-out, figured out where thread changes happened and how many colors I’d need, printed out a project sheet and added all my notes, read the digitizer’s PDF – all in all, that took about an hour, and I didn’t go near Brody.

Actually choosing the colors, cutting out templates, deciding on matching or contrasting threads, stitching it out, trimming the felt, running another bobbin, troubleshooting a minor issue, cutting it out and attaching it to sized fold-over elastic took another two hours. It doesn’t normally take this long, but this was a large and complicated design, and I was enjoying every minute. And while errors were made, I love the finished headband – I can slide it off and add a Dollar Tree plastic headband, if I like. And I loved getting everything I needed from my stash.

Already looking forward to stitching out their ‘Christmas Lights’ and ‘Norwegian Sisters’ headband designs. Thanks to their recent sale, I could afford all three ! No one at Game Day noticed my pretty accessory, but that’s OK – I felt good wearing it, that’s all that mattered. Might wear it again, to tomorrow’s big Dollar Tree visit.

Feeling somewhat better, shipping less fluids, but still very tired. Coughing a lot. Beloved Hubby took care of dinner, I’m gonna crash early tonight. I have no idea what I’m gonna do for the last day of National Sewing Month yet !


  1. I've been wearing headbands all my life and it never occured to me to make a sliding accessory for them. That's so clever. Your embroidering looks very professional.

  2. Oh, that is CUTE! Hope your health is still improving today!