Saturday, September 26, 2015

I stitched 'cause I needed a lift !

Ugh. My cold got worse last night. So as not to gross you out, I’ll just say that if phlegm and mucus were a commodity, I’d be exporting and getting a decent dividend check Monday. Meanwhile, I’m making knockoff facial tissue manufacturers happy, and waking up every hour to cough and hork. Glad Beloved Hubby normally sleeps through it. I usually get a miserable cold every Autumn -  be glad when this one’s over.

One good thing – my appetite is halved. Just not hungry. Wish it could stay that way. Lost two pounds yesterday, and that’s with me eating a lot of junk along with about a third of a head of cabbage and a lunch special of Chinese food. Used to love raw cabbage when I was a kid – my mother didn’t believe in after-school snacks for me, so I ate what I could forage. Give me another week, I’ll be back to munching on raw potatoes – the small ones no one will miss ! – again. I think I’ll safely stay away from raw bacon, though. While tasty, I can surely find better snacks. Or at least cook the stuff.

Got to return to Hancock Fabrics – yeah, I know. But I decided I wanted that purple and navy blue vinyl I saw on the $5./yd. Home Décor flat-folds table last time, and we could spare the funds. Spent $13, but got a yard of vinyl total, a half yard of gorgeous glittery blue starry tulle, some markdown purple trim, and a small spool of Sulky embroidery thread, on sale, in variegated pinks and reds. Should make for some awesome heart arteries ! So the folds won’t become permanent, I rolled it up once I was back home. It feels so good to look over and see my vinyl stash !

I have a stellar idea for my next wrap-around dress for the Timey / Dottie / Chatty family, but I’m too tired and worn to actually sew it right now. This cold is kicking my butt. Crashed for an hour after my little shopping trip.

Which was good, ‘cause we ended up at Mal-Wart at 9pm, prowlin’ around. I think Beloved Hubby’s plotting on getting me a new TV for the. . .shoot, I don’t even know what to call that room anymore, no one’s in it but me 90% of the time, but it’s still shared space. Let’s go with The Playroom, and my stuff’s still the Arena, sound OK ? Anyway, I caught him studying them while Dearest Son and I looked at toys. When he watched some Netflix with me while I was prowling around online, he complained about the tiny TV – heck, it was only $6., and it’s over twenty inches ! – so I think that’s gonna be a done deal. I don’t mind, just wanna make sure there’s nothing else we need more, especially since we’re ditching cable in December.

I think he and Dearest have that in mind, since Beloved bought the Star Wars original trilogy (you know, the ones I like !) and Dearest decided he wanted Princess and the Frog. I thought we already had that, but I was told by both that we don’t anymore. We’re missing a lot of DVDs, some we don’t know about ‘til we open the box. (sigh) And it’s not worth asking the ILs about it, if the condition our last DVDs were returned in is any indication, they’re scratched beyond hope anyway. At least it’s no longer a problem.

Got to see the new 28-inch MH doll – Mal-Wart exclusive, she doesn’t even have a name, both the purple and the green one have “Voltageous Ghoul Friend” on the packaging. I’m intrigued, but truly, I don’t need more big dolls. Did the research anyway – despite the knee joint mold lines, their knees don’t bend, and their feet aren’t sculpted like the ones we’re used to – they’re like solid clumps inside the glued-on shoes. They come with a lot of dress-up props, and with the push of a button on the back of their heads, their eyes change. Tempting, but for $50., I think I’ll pass on these ghouls. $35., I would have probably gone for, but I think 17-inch Gooliope is overpriced at $30., and I’m re-thinking similarly-sized Frankie (holding out for Huge Ghoulia !) so . . .

National Sewing Month’s challenge was served today when I finished a long-neglected doll dress – it was complete but for closings. Oh, and I stitched out a feltie that I wanted to use as a keychain for Emmy-car. This one. It stitched OK, but I went too dark with the pumpkin, so the whole thing looks wrong. Was trying to match thread to her paint job, but next to the tires, the whole thing looks dark grey. And the glitter thread on the window and undercarriage didn’t show up well, either. Oh, well. Can do it again later, with better colors, when I have more energy.  I liked how the variegated thread came out !

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