Wednesday, September 23, 2015

It got better.

Almost always does ! Chatted with Beloved Hubby, told him how I was feeling – he honestly didn’t notice an empty plate (mine) there when he got his dinner and cleared the chow, thinking I’d already obtained mine. He also thought that, while I was over-reacting a bit when I offered sympathy on-line to someone we knew, but that particular person really was rather rude to me, too. So I let it go and sewed, and I feel better today, although nothing’s changed but my attitude. Oh, and Finnegan Wake arrived yesterday – he’s really cool, but for now he’s still in box. Photos soon !

And while it isn’t as perfect as the example, I like my Black Cat Softie, made from a free pattern generously offered by Positively Splendid. Less than five minutes to cut out and sew, ten minutes to turn right-side-out, a half hour to stuff and sew a two-inch straight line shut ! My ladder stitch still needs work. But it was fun, and I can make it a hundred times with colors and patterns and different fabrics – maybe actually use the soft Poly-Fil the pattern calls for ! I stuffed it with fabric scraps from my hoard instead. Plus, I used up more of that blue roses fabric. I have enough for maybe one big project, and then it’s gone.

Speaking of gone, I had an overstuffed Mal-Wart sack fulla fabric to give to MIL today, larger pieces from my stash that I haven’t used yet, the rest is doubtful-for-dolls stuff from the last big thrift bag. It’s a good feeling, to get rid of some stuff, know that the rest isn’t so tightly packed anymore. Not sure if she’d want to use some of it for kid clothes, but they also need curtains and such, and there’s plenty of poly-blends in the bag for that. Or she can always use it for initial attempts before using good stuff on the eventual projects.

She only bought patterns, mostly fairly simple lines, all dresses. Only had to talk her out of two tulle-heavy fluffy ones. She’s decided she also wants to make-over clothes for her step-grandchild, who’s thirteen, too. So we looked. at. everything. Seriously, we were there a bit over two hours, only in Hancock Fabrics. It’ll be a while before I’m ready to go back. Luckily, being reminded of my stash excess worked to keep me away from buying much – got a quarter yard of variegated red vinyl for those heart keychains from the $5./yd. home décor folds table, that’s all – and I got a good look at everything, several times. She was really happy and excited to finally get started, and I was glad to see her so motivated. And I can’t say I got rushed !


  1. Glad you're feeling better. Lucky doll for getting a toy.

  2. Aw! The little kitty is so cute! My mom made me a "sleepy kitty" pillow that you might like. Two pieces of fabric for the body, one oval of a contrasting solid for the face (which she embroidered the face on), and a piece of the same solid in a candy cane shape for the tail. I think it was a Butterick pattern back in the day. I couldn't help but be reminded of it when I saw your little cutie there. I hadn't thought about that pillow in ages. I think I still have it!

    Isn't it amazing how time flies in craft/hobby stores?