Monday, September 7, 2015

Ooooh, more organza !

Yaaay ! I can do overlays ! And with organza ! Whoo-hoo ! I’ve only done one good lace overlay, years and years ago, for a Barbie. Used a scrap of white fabric and beige lace, with a pattern from Barbie Collector  (‘To Have and To Hold’, Denise Devoto, Autumn 2007, just the bodice) and it came out nice, but my next few attempts were. . . less than attractive. I don’t know why I thought brown lace and faded pale blue jeans would look good together to this day. And I never did get the hang of that Modern Art knockoff Barbie dress pattern (hangs head in shame).  

So today, when I got a wild hair to try using more of that green organza and green quilter’s cotton, I envisioned sewing it using pretty much the same directions I remembered, just didn’t iron it. Hey, it’s Labor Day, I celebrate by not ironing. Anyway, I’ve learned that Animator’s Collection dolls have much bigger bellies than other Little Disney Princess dolls, but otherwise, the arms and proportions are about the same. Still, the anonymous ‘small doll blouse’ pattern I’ve used before for LDPs was a bit tight and looked too short on Ree, so I hemmed it with ribbon for a bit of extra length.

I’m pretty pleased with it. I have a whole new way to sparkle up plain solid-color fabric if I like, and it adds a pretty shimmer. Some organza pieces come with a ton of glitter, too. It’s actually not difficult to sew – you know those little drawstring bags you often see wrapping small gifts or wedding favors ? Organza. – and a lot more stable and less slippery than I thought it’d be.

Not sure what I wanna do tomorrow. That’s been part of the fun of National Sewing Month so far !

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