Wednesday, September 16, 2015

So, who else ordered a merman this week ?

Thanks to PineCone’s timely deposit, I was able to put in my pre-order for MH’s latest new student before Friday’s ship date. I debated it long and hard for a day before I decided that, while I wasn’t much on the character, I definitely wanted that wheelchair. Not sure where that’s gonna go either, but they’ll be fun to play with ! Still undecided if I’m getting Porter Geiss or not.

If you’re interested, but aren’t on Mattel Shop’s mailing list, he’s an exclusive to them, so sign up – they usually give either free shipping ($7.49 !) or 20% off (he’s $24.99) to first-time customers. They sent me an e-mail Monday about him, complete with ‘limited availability’ warnings, and I’ve been debating ever since. They also do special offers throughout the year. It would have been a non-issue if not for some funds left from Friday and PineCone, I still had to spend $5. out of House Checking for him, $32.48 would have been ridiculous and impossible. And you know me, I feel mildly guilty about the $5.

As for National Sewing Month, I just did some repair stitching today. I own a nice nightgown that I never wear, although it’s light, pretty, and comfortable. It’s the long sleeves that drive me nuts, I’m always pushing or rolling them up. I know, it sounds silly, but I was kind of timid about shortening them, especially since it’s a knit and I like it otherwise. So today, I bagged that nonsense, and scissored the sleeves before I even came downstairs. Then, after lunch, I hemmed ‘em up. I also now have material for at least a doll dress and skirt, with a lettuce hem already in it. Yaaay !

And then tonight, I had time to get a little bored, so I decided to try the ‘Sasha’ wrap dress free pattern from Phoebe & Egg – I signed up for her free Doll Dressmaking pattern series via email, links to the patterns came in last week. Wasn’t sure what size would work best for DP&M dolls, so I decided to try the ‘Sasha’ size. Knew immediately it was a bit too short in the bodice, so I added a half inch, but otherwise continued as is. 

Came out pretty well, but too tight in the armholes, and while it fits, it’s a bit tight along the shoulders. So I printed out the ‘Phoebe’ size, custom-made for her hand-made line of dolls, and that looks about right. So tomorrow, you’ll have a photo of both ! Even as slightly off as it is, the Sasha Wrap Dress is very nice, classical in its way, and it doesn’t show painted plastic when the doll sits. I’m looking forward to having a better fitting version !

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  1. Playscale wheelchairs are pretty rare and this one is the coolest ever. Can't wait to see your pics of it.