Sunday, September 6, 2015

And to think, I have this in two other colors and another color and design !

Well, sometimes it’s worth it to do the research, help insure a good result, other times it’s fun to just go for it and learn as ya go. Today, I decided to just go with some of the organza I got so cheaply at Hancock Fabrics last week, and while the end result isn’t as stunning as I’d like, it came out nice, and not that bad. 

Although it took more of an effort than I thought ! Originally, the organza was longer than the green slim skirt, just one gathered, folded-double piece, but it looked weird. By the time I realized that, the skirt was finished down to the back Velcro ™, so there wasn’t much I could do to fix it. Tried to gather it up a bit, by hand and machine, but that was even worse. Ended up taking two and a half inches of organza off,  then folding the newly trimmed skirt under for a hem. If I’d have known what I was doing, I could have made the hem less obtrusive, but it’s not too miserable. Right ? (hopefully)

There’s enough of the green cotton to make a matching simple shirt tomorrow, but for now, Punzie’s wearing my first attempt at the Hospital Gown. That sequin bikini top just wasn’t making it with that skirt. I don’t know why, but every time I try to make a peplum skirt, it comes out looking like an apron. Ah, well. Folded the organza strip I cut from the skirt, stitched it, made a hair scarf of it. 

I have some other ideas for the organza, which is good – I got that particular ‘print’ in three colors, plus a purple design with glitter swirls. The piece I scissored for today’s project was less than a quarter of that one piece, so I have more than enough for playin’ around ! Since it was a bit over a dollar a color, I think I can grow to like organza !

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