Sunday, September 13, 2015

OK, just one more. . .

I slept sooo late today, that it was half over by the time I got up ! And Beloved Hubby and Dearest Son slept even later than me. But I still took advantage of Beloved’s offer for some ‘quiet time’, and hit the GoodWill and Family Dollar down the street. I wasn’t gone that long, but it was a fun trip !

This is the one I’ve called BadWill before, as it’s messy, lots of items are broken, there’s no real order to things, and Dollar Tree items, complete with DTree logos and printed-on prices, are offered for sale at full price and occasionally above. But they’re improving a little – today’s visit wasn’t quite so cluttered, and while many things were questionable, most weren’t broken. They’re still failing at Dollar Tree repricing, but I’m sure that’ll get better sooner or later.

Found a half-price pair of shorts for Beloved, a math skills book I can use with Dearest, a small ‘picket fence’ style planter (probably had flowers in it once, you’ll see it soon in photos), and a gorgeous little girls’ stretch velvet dress. Hope to re-make it this week !

Family Dollar was fun to prowl – they have a lot of toys in, probably early stock for the upcoming holidays. Finally saw Geek Shriek Ghoulia, and instantly hated her waaay oversized glasses. Ah, well. Saw a Frozen-themed Trouble game, several new-to-me Midnight Magic dolls, a Snow Queen knockoff set of sixth-scale Elsa and Anna dolls in laughable signature costume copies, and a solo line of DP&M knockoffs – the Elsa only ‘Winter Dream Princess’. Ours had four, and I’m giving serious consideration to snagging one for her upgraded dress. Couldn’t see her shoes and didn’t want to snap the tape to check, so I assume they’re plastic flats of minimal quality. If I take the plunge, I’ll let you know what’s there.

Even though this doll and last year’s Elsa may well be identical otherwise, I find that I prefer mine from last year still. I think her face is somehow kinder, softer maybe. But I do like that dress ! Maybe next week, we ate out twice this weekend, and I don’t wanna push it.

Made a deal with the manager that she said benefit us both. I found a small lampshade with no lamp – and all the lamps on display were already matched. I asked if they sold them separately, and they said they just found that one there yesterday, so, sure ! There wasn’t an unshaded lamp in the back either, so if I was willing to go $3. for it, it was all mine. Sold American ! The cashier was confused – whole lamp was $6., why was I paying so much for a shade ? The manager and I shared a wry smile. Clearly, he hasn’t priced lampshades lately ! I was getting a good deal, she was getting rid of surplus stock, so we were all happy. And he said he’d have a look-see for himself about what we told him about lamp accessories first chance he got.

Snagged a few small grocery items, and noted that they’ve already begun to stock Dollar Tree stuff – Dearest was happy to learn they have his favorite popcorn, too.

Once home, we all had a nice afternoon, and after I made a yummy if tiring dinner, Beloved asked who wanted to visit Hastings ? We were re-dressed in record time. Dearest found a Chipettes DVD he’s wanted for a while, I noted that their MH stock had been relocated to the Toy section instead of Trend – and it included the original Thirteen Wishes Twyla doll, among other dolls that’ve been long off the shelves elsewhere. The fact that Twyla was $29.99 would probably explain that. About all I really found to want was a Frozen train case, decorated with a sketch Elsa – just beautiful. But $15. was too rich for me ! Surprisingly, it’s about $25. plus shipping on eBay. Beloved didn’t find the art books he’d hoped to see, but we were glad Dearest finally had that DVD.

Once home again, I had to get crackin’ if I wanted to sew ! Still had no idea what I wanted to make, though. I played with the girls’ dress and my knockoff DP&M  Elsa, but it was too late to commit to that amount of work. Started to wonder if organza could stand alone, since I’d almost always paired it with another fabric, and ended up making another Flashdance-style shell of it. Not too bad – and yes, I still have at least a third of that half-yard left. Elsa’s modeling, ‘cause I’m afraid if I drape Punzie with one more scrap of organza, she’ll run back to the thrift in the night !

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