Friday, August 7, 2015

Our financial report, just in. . .

Actually, our is more ‘Washed cheap plates we bought years ago, ‘cause we can’t afford disposable ones’, but hey, better for the environment, right ? And, yes, I have ‘recycled’ disposables before, I’m sure you suspected as much.

Speaking of Extreme Cheapness, today I washed a length of tinfoil (generic bulk brand, given to us when someone moved ? Double check !) used to cover some baked beans and placed it over my cutting mat. It doesn’t do a thing for the mat or my rotary, but hopefully it’ll keep Junior-kitty from napping on my cutting table ! It’s not his naps I mind, he somehow knows when it’ll be a while before I actually need it back, but when he rolls over, he knocks everything off in a three-foot zone, and after picking up stabilizer remnants and pattern pieces twice today, it was time to take counter-measures. Don’t know if it’s working or not, after his post-lunch snack-meal, he decided to curl up on Beloved Hubby’s desk instead. It was closer. 

Kinda got into it with FIL last night. Asked if 8:20am would be a good time to pick them up for the promised trip to the Farmer’s Market – we all want to start early before the heat of the day gets unbearable, and it opens at 8am. Previous experience told me (and I informed him) that few vendors would be ready to go at the opening bell. Nope, not good enough, as he reminded me (!), it opens at 8am, they want to be there at 8am. Rather than remind him that Saturday is my one day to sleep in, and I’m trying to be nice here, I told him I’d pick them up at 8. 

He then asked if he could have some of my thyroid medicine, enough for three or four days – his prescription is messed up. Um, his dose is three times mine. The VA is very nice, but they’d wonder why I suddenly needed my refill a week or two early. And I *really* don’t want to tick off the VA ! Fibbed my way out of it. Hate to be a selfish pain, but I’m not risking my health, especially after I’ve been irritated enough over nothing for one day. Five’ll get you ten they have a spate of additional errands they want me to drive them to after the Market. . . you’d think I’d have learned by now that it’s never just that ‘one thing’ I agreed to whenever I deal with them.  

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  1. Yeah, that's kind of a wtf that he's wanting to get meds from you. A paranoid person would start locking the medicines away if they showed up at your place uninvited again. If his prescription is messed up, that's something he needs to take up with a pharmacist or his doc.