Friday, August 28, 2015

You'd think I'd be more jazzed, since it's Friday, but naaah. Meh.

Kind of in a funk again today. I should be happy I haven’t found anything new to want in the last few days, but it’s kind of disheartening (and uninspiring) to see nothing that really makes me go ‘Oh, yeah ! I gotta have that !’ . I’m actually seeing a lot of repeats and fan stuff for shows I couldn’t care less for if I actually put in an effort to. 

Anyway, don’t mind me. I’m gonna go sew something, in hopes of shaking whatever’s harshing my psyche and tamping down my need for creativity. Really should go to a fabric store Saturday, while Beloved Hubby’s working, but I don’t really want more fabric. I just wanna be where it is ! 

If you haven’t snagged your Friday Freebie from Pixie Faire, you might wanna. Today only, score a download of their Oxford Square coat pattern. It’s boxy and simple looking, but would be great in tweeds – and as one commenter added, lose the hood and you’ve got an excellent lab coat pattern for free ! If you haven’t been there before, there’s lotsa freebies, from Barbie to Karito Kids, and there’s an AG doll giveaway, too. Can’t beat free – I’ve altered several of theirs to fit the DP&M girls, and next month, I’m buying (gasp !) a Disney Animator’s pattern I’ve been wanting. Look around when ya get time, but act fast if you want that coat pattern !

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