Saturday, August 15, 2015

I'm still delighted about last Saturday !

In yet another head-scratcher, the Ghoulia wig I ordered from a seller in China back on Aug. 01 is here before my embroidery snips, ordered from on Aug. 05. According to Customer Service, the snips still have a week to go. Of course, Blitsy was hampered by the fact that they forgot my order for a few days, then they started looking for the lowest price (why ? I already agreed and paid what they listed ) which they told me about when I got ticked. Of course, they got their funds the day after I ordered, but it didn’t ship ‘til yesterday, after I went to CS about it. This doesn’t leave them looking good. Plus, I paid $6. to ship .6oz, and they’re using the awful slow-boat unholy UPS and USPS hybrid Sure Post. I’ll be lucky to get them next week. On the plus side, yaay, my wig is here ! It’s pretty, and they even included a wig cap ! And I know not to order from Blitzy if I want to get my stuff from two states over in less than two weeks. 

In fact, their daily ads so thorougly ignore the ‘what crafts interest you’ checklist I had to go through that they’ve become annoying, so once I get my stupid snips, I’m gonna unsubscribe and go back to using coupons for local chains and finding sales on Amazon. Never got my ‘50% Off Your First Order !!’ coupon I was promised, either. Nice try, Blitsy. 

Up early to hit the Flea Market for the last time ‘til mid-September – I wasn’t particularly interested, but Dearest Son wanted to go. I asked if he wanted his allowance in cash, he said he’d think more on spending it if he didn’t have it in his hands. Wow. I didn’t realize that m’self ‘til I was in my thirties ! So, with just my $3.50 in hand, we were off. 

Luckily, it wasn’t as hot as before, so we took our time. My cash got us a largish trophy from a 1983 Endurance contest (at Dearest’s request), two small bundles of polished cotton fabric, three pair of new earrings, four Tupperware miniatures, and a green glass ashtray (for Beloved Hubby). On the way to the car, he spotted a nicely framed (think Michael’s-level framing) large rectangular print of a sporty red Corvette. He figured the seller wanted too much, I reminded him it never hurts to ask. So he did - $3 ! He also had another unframed ‘Vette print, this one also of a red car, against a waving American flag. So we went to the bank for some cash and came back, and the seller offered us both for $5. Dearest was deliriously happy. 

I was hungry, so we hit up Dollar Tree for some snacks – just a few, it’s Austerity Plan week, ya know. Finished my necessary stuff, ate, guzzled two glasses of water and a can of soda, and crashed on the sofa for three hours. Woke up, watched some Law & Order : SVU (the only thing I’ll miss when cable gets canned in November – their digital recorder crashed and dumped nearly everything again) and trawled for freebies in both designs and patterns. Found that a favored Craftsy seller has a new pattern, for bulky knits and possibly fleece, and I want. Maybe tomorrow, it’s only $2.50. But I still have dozens if not actually hundreds of patterns I’ve never touched already, some I actually paid for . . . and I haven’t tested that alteration I made to the doll dress Dearest wants. I really should get on that first. Then I’ll reward m’self with new pattern ! Yeah. . .

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