Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Adventure's where you find it !

I did the stupidest thing today. Game Day actually went well, although we both went with our hair still wet – I fell asleep on the sofa, so everything I did ran at least an hour late, but it all still had to be done. I stink on ice after my Wii Fit session, and desperately needed that shower, but had no time for hairstyling. Mom from Hades and the Brat Pack was a no-show again today, and I met a couple new moms and kids. 

Afterwards, I lost my thought process, and decided that the cute, if old, chair at the newly relocated Habitat For Humanity Re-Store was just what I needed. My current chair is sagging and falling apart, and sometimes hurts my back. Where things got stupid was, how to get it home. It certainly wasn’t gonna fit in the backseat, and no matter how we tried, it didn’t fit in the trunk either. So we shoved it in as far as it would go, hit the flashers, and cruised carefully home, trunk lid bouncing at every stop. 

It went well, though – about halfway I realized the huge truck behind me wasn’t being a dink, it was probably flying cover for me. After all, he’d had plenty of time to go around me, and he wasn’t as close as I thought. I hope he or she has a wonderful week for being so nice to us. Long story short (too late !), we got it home safe, and I like it a lot better than my old one. Second-hand chair - $5. Afternoon adventure with Dearest Son – priceless. 

Tomorrow, we’re hitting up Harbor Freight for some needle-nose pliers (mine have vanished) and maybe the thrift if it’s not too hot. As for now, I’m ready for bed !

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