Tuesday, August 25, 2015

This always happens on Austerity Week. . .

Well, maybe it’s my reward for another boring Game Day. At least this week I wasn’t running late and just plain running, and Mom from Hades hasn’t put in an appearance since the last time one of her kids mouthed off at me. Since S.’s family is on vacation for the next two weeks, we’re probably not going, I thought that was my reward, right there. A week we didn’t have to go, and I wasn’t too sick to enjoy it !

Dropped off a forgotten library book, and decided to hit that one thrift. I’m still looking for a replacement body for that fairy Barbie, and even though we’re trying to keep down the spending, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to look. And Dearest Son was in no hurry to return home. Plus it was “20% Off Housewares” Tuesday, and toys count as housewares. 

And you can see what happened. I found this lovely DP&M Rapunzel. She has a slight ink mark on her right jawline, and no shoes, but her crown was somewhere in her tangles. . . $9.99 was a bit much, though. Luckily, I still had some of my ‘me’ funds, so between that and the discount, I didn’t spend much more. Still felt bad about spending the fundage. All the way to the register. We also visited the GameStop in the same strip, but once again, Dearest decided he didn’t want anything this time. 

I once said that, if I got another DP&M , it’d be Rapunzel, for her green eyes and freckles. I really didn’t expect to have one cross my path in such good shape, though. Her hair, once I got the crown and rubber band out of it, wasn’t hard to brush at all, and is as soft as the shop cat at the comic store that hosts Game Day. I’m not sure which version mine is – I thought there were two, the initial one and the ‘Jewel Edition’. I have the deluxe gown from the first release, bought off eBay, and thought this was ‘Jewel’, but no, turns out there’s two ‘Jewels’ – one has a ruffle along the neckline and the sleeve cuffs are purple, to match the sleeves. Mine is the other ‘Jewel’, also sometimes seen in the gift set with a themed tutu. There’s also the equivalent of a narrowbox doll, with the least fancy dress of all, called ‘Shimmer’ edition. Whew ! And I thought these dolls weren’t that popular ! 

Well, as day ends, Punzie can relax, she only has another day or so in that gown before I make her something new, or just re-dress her. I may braid up her hair, because while hers isn’t past her feet, it is still shin-length, and I may be one of the few doll hobbyists out there who’s not that much into hair-play. I could be, but since I get most of my dolls second-hand, by the time I get a brush through their wild tangles, I’m too wiped out to fuss with it anymore ! Seriously, my arm hurts. Really happy to have Punzie, though.

Hope your day held a happy surprise for you !

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  1. She's so pretty I wouldn't have resisted either.