Sunday, August 30, 2015

New goodies ! Old brokeness !

Darn JoAnn’s got me again ! Lured me in with the promise of a 60% off one item coupon, plus a 30% off everything else at regular price one, and I still spent $25. ! But, to be fair, the very patient and kind cashier not only used those two coupons, but another 40% off any single non-discounted fabric cut, so really, my purchases should have totaled $38.68. Even more than that, once  you realize half my spur-of-the-moment purchases were already off the Markdowns shelves. . .If everything had been normally priced, my stuff woulda been $47.10 ! So, to be clear, I am far from upset at JoAnn’s – unless you count that they have too much irresistible stuff ! It’s me I’m mad at. I always find waaay too much to buy there ! 

But I got pretty much everything I need for those upcoming projects. Gorgeous white crepe-back satin for the Leia costume, red marine vinyl for those heart keychains for the cardiologists, white marine vinyl for darn near everything, some new, inspiring trims, and some markdown Frozen stuff. Yes, I needed another coloring book, and the blind-bag dog tag set, and  that new Elsa fabric, so there. 

Only thing is, I completely forgot to check for piping. And I have a pattern that uses it that I’d like to try soon. Well. Since Dearest Son and I don’t have any plans for Tuesday, and I’ll have a (very) few bucks left, and the coupons are good through Wednesday. . .

While I was in line at JoAnn’s, Hancock Fabrics sent me a coupon. Sorry, Hancock’s ! You haven’t had red marine vinyl in, well, ever, and there’s just nothing there I want right now. 

One good thing about spending so much at JoAnn’s – I didn’t stop at Big Lots or Michael’s, or Sprouts on the way home. However, I did stop at McD’s, at Beloved Hubby’s request. I just got a Happy Meal, and shared fries with my double McDouble-eatin’ hubby (Dearest Son got a 10pc Nugget Meal, his fave), and got a Hello Kitty Puzzle Keeper. Or rather, I have a simple puzzle and one of my dolls has a pink plastic cat head-shaped piece of luggage. Wonder if I could get Punzie’s gown in there.

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