Thursday, August 27, 2015

Yawnfest Thursday. . .

Not a lot going on today – Beloved Hubby was home early and was a bit down, so I didn’t sew like I’d planned. Really, about all I did was housework and admire two butterfly-beautiful moths that lit on our porch door and make a super-simple dinner. But I got to watch Shanghai Noon with Beloved and Dearest Son, which made for a nice night. 

I know it’s kind of vain of me, but I’m really pleased with that fluffy skirt I made for Tia last week. There was no pattern, I just free-handed it with as much of that blue scrap as possible. Now I want to make it again. But seeing the Chinese fabrics in that silly movie made me want to sew that never-tried AG cheongsam, too. Wonder if I have enough of that old jewelry case I took apart several years ago to make a doll skirt. . .

For now, though, there’s Punzie with her hair brushed and ‘tailed, wearing Weeks 1 and 2 of Jen Wrenne’s knit Summer Sew Along. In the photo, the pieces look a shade or two different, but they are from the same shirt. The wad of hair to her right is either a Tribble or a contribution to Donald Trump’s Toupee Club for Megalomaniacs, perhaps it’s both, I really don’t know. If you’d like to make your own larger doll-size shopping bags, Matilda’s Closet recently celebrated a milestone, and has a free printable for them for ya. I made a template out of it and did one in scrapbook paper, another in cardstock, and they came out nice. Click the link for your copy ! They come in handy for storing small pattern pieces, too.

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