Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Beloved Hubby must never know. . .

You could cross out ‘craft store’ and add ‘thrift shop’ or ‘Dollar Tree’ and it’d still work. Really, though, my guilty conscience barks loud, and I usually confess and am forgiven and it’s forgotten long before the bank statements come in. When we’re really, truly, irredeemably broke, I just don’t go anywhere and stay off the computer, just in case. As you can see from yesterday, amazing things appear when I don’t have the funds for ‘em. I can resist everything but temptation ! 

Speaking of her, I couldn’t let Punzie ‘sleep’ in that gown she’s probably never been out of, and dressed her in that green tank and skirt I made as part of Jen Wrenne’s Summer Knit Sew Along. I rather liked the high ponytail her hair was in, so I put it back that way for the time being. Used a hair elastic instead of a bare rubber band. Still want to make something just for her, but Beloved was home today (boss didn’t order the supplies he needed last week, so going in today would have been a waste of time and fuel), and we discovered his driver’s license had expired. So I got tonight’s dinner chicken cut up and marinated, made a pot of chicken potato soup for lunch with the leftover bits, and we were ready to go. 

And on the way home, it was potato chips for everybody ! And I had two new surveys to do – that’ll give me a total of $12. in the account I can cash out later. Gonna try to hold on to it ‘til mid-September. Yaaay !

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