Monday, August 24, 2015

Pretty Blue Tia !

Quiet day. Cleaned up the Arena from all of last week’s projects, so I could get a running start on this week’s. I have so many plans ! Should be able to start after Game Day tomorrow on at least one of ‘em. 

 Altered and scanned the two patterns I stitched last week, and decided to go ahead and finish Tia’s blue prototype dress. When she modeled it for photos, it didn’t have a hem or back closures, so I got that done, and went ahead and shortened the sleeves with a pencil, ruler, and scissors. That helped it look less like a costume, but it seemed a bit short. So I made a simple skirt to go under it. Would have been easier to make a straight skirt, but the dress wasn’t really fluffy enough to make a good contrast, so I made the separate skirt really fluffy. Used up nearly all of the thrift store scrap, too. 

Actually, the skirt was too fluffy, and barely fit under the prototype dress. So now it’s on top, and the dress is now a tunic. Or a blouse with a built-in half-slip.  Wrapped elastic around the waistband as an accent belt, but it looks good without the elastic, too. 

Rest of the day was meals, grocery shopping, downloading freebie embroidery designs (found one perfect for my not-Harry Potter robe !) and cleaning up afterwards. Tomorrow’s more housework and Game Day – but after that, I am so sewing !

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