Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Let there forever be cheap thrift-store light !

Whew ! I’m glad my VA appointment this month is over ! I’d resolutely put it out of my mind so I could sleep last night – didn’t work well, but at least I got some rest. Then I over-slept and had to race through the medical stuff, Wii Fit, a shower, and breakfast. Needed to leave a little early ‘cause I’d promised Dearest Son, months ago, that the next time I took him to an appointment, we’d get the heavenly-scented by-the-slice pizza sold there. So we did. 

It was delicious, but it gave me a tummyache, luckily between my two appointments. How Dearest put away half of my huge slice and two of his own is beyond me, but he was very happy. Misread my appointment list and checked into the second one first, which meant that I raced upstairs then back downstairs once I realized my mistake. While trying to catch my breath, I got a phonecall from my second appointment – where was I ? On my way there, I’d just finished my first, but it was still a half hour before, what was the deal ? In the end, I raced back upstairs, they took my vitals. . .  and we sat around for the rest of the time ‘til my appointment, then an hour past that. I still don’t know what the rush was. 

And, of course, after waiting all that time, I saw the doctor for four minutes. Seriously. I timed it. Of course, you don’t need an hour to tell me things sound good, healed better and faster than expected, there’s some slight improvement, and keep up the Wii Fit. We got out just in time for Rush Hour. After coming to a dead stop three times on the highway, I was strung out and decided to pull off to Previous Town’s thrift store for a break. 

And I got one. A minor heart-break. They had a nearly complete, in good shape Monster High school playset – for $6.98. Arrrgh. I wished I could have bought it, but I had no use for it, in fact, I’ve barely used the one I have. (sniffle) I hope a kid who will love it finds it, and soon. 

I did find something I’ve been wanting – a three-light floor lamp. I’m sure it was a Mal-Wart $15. college dorm special a few semesters ago, but it was only $5. today, and it was just what I wanted to add some light to the ‘Room With A View’ scene-set. One of their table lamps had a bulb in it, so I tested all three ‘cans’ and they worked, then put the bulb back in the lamp I borrowed it from. Someone else was sure to need it, and we had a small stockpile of lightbulbs at home. It even fit in the backseat, so we weren’t a traffic hazard on the way home ! Also snagged Roger Cera’s Treasury of Great Cat Stories and one of those old roller cutters, with two blade sets. Like this bad boy right here. No box, but I got the instruction sheet. Not entirely sure what I’m gonna do with it, but in the same way I’d buy another Veg-O-Matic, just out of sheer nostalgia, I got this today. Who knows, I might start buying onions again. Not a bad haul for less than nine bucks total.

The Walgreens across the street was a disappointment. Got us some drinks and a small snack, and thought I’d pick up the week’s special, a pack of five mechanical pencils for 29¢. Too bad I couldn’t find them, and no one in the store knew about the special (on the high right corner of the front page of their ad), which ones it included, or where to find ‘em. Seriously, the cashier had four people trying to figure it out. Finally, someone from Pharmacy said they were on the top shelf in the Back To School display, but they’d sold out, so they ripped the sign down. (sigh) That took so long, I had Dearest swap out our sweating drinks for cold ones. Evidently, the only ones who know what’s going on in the whole store are working Pharm. 

And we made it home safely, thank Everything. I may actually play with my dolls tonight !

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