Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Rained all day, then it got hot. . . so here's Snow !

After all of yesterday’s hurry-scurry, out in public nearly all day, all I wanted for today was a long sleep, nowhere to go, and no pressure or need to do anything. Luckily, I got just that !

My embroidery snips finally came in, taking as long to come over two states as my heavier wig took to arrive from China. is still not forgiven, all they did was put the carded product in a box and slap on a label. Not even an invoice with ‘thanks’ stamped on it, and it was shipped two days after I was told it was already on the way. Bye, Blitsy ! Ranks that I have to await another useless e-mail from them to cancel. 

(wry snicker) One of two Facebook sites for embroidery sales promised a giveaway of a new embroidery machine once the site reached a certain membership number. It hit that number early this afternoon. Since both sites promised a simple random drawing among all the members, there’s lots of people wishing everyone luck – with a quick note about why they should be the winner. Tragedy in the family, poverty, disability, military service, you name it. I responded to one sob story that was truly over the pathos top by wishing her luck, since really, I just wanted to have a bigger hoop than my 2009 4x4 machine, but truly, she deserved it more. Besides, I’d been admitted to the hospital too much last year to really appreciate a gift like that ! I ended up getting more ‘likes’ than she did. Of course, now we’re buried in a ton of similar messages, but I thought the whole thing was funny. I really should remember that I pull mean stunts like that when I don’t understand why Person A seems to hate me so much. . .

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