Friday, August 14, 2015

I feel more tropical already !

Feeling a little better. Beloved Hubby was still sort of out of it, so he was home today. Got to cherry-pick a few groceries, but otherwise, I was online most of the day when I wasn’t napping on the sofa. Very tired still, but a big cup of 7-11 Double Mocha perked me up for several hours. 

Posted a few images of various projects to some embroidery designers’ websites – what can I say, I needed some praise. Ya’ll do your best, but I don’t wanna be so needy on you all the time. Got what I needed, entered some contests, didn’t win any contests, downloaded a couple freebies. One looked interesting and quick, very appealing in the state of things today – a drink umbrella ! 

While the designer at Sevens Emporium made hers out of vinyl, I went with doubling up on the stabilizer and using felt scraps for my first trial. Came out nice ! And I was able to get two on a single hooping, bonus ! I even used stabilizer scraps, too. Ended up making two sets of two so we’d each have one, and my small stuffed Rarity is wearing the extra one as a little sunhat. There’s just enough of that cheep sheet of purple felt left to go into the scrap box, I got two pair of doll shoes, a felt doll wig, and a drink umbrella out of it, not bad ! Got some great praise out of that one, since I saw it at 3pm and posted a photo of my version a bit after 4. Dearest Son figured out that, if he blew hard enough, he could make it spin around, which amused him for several minutes. I don't quite have that much wind lately !

I may stitch up something else, since I can stay up late tonight. Don’t have to get up ‘til 8am tomorrow, and I’m only up that early ‘cause Dearest wants to go to the last Flea Market of the summer. We’re on the Austerity Plan this week, so I’m hoping I don’t find anything !

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