Saturday, August 1, 2015

First Flea of August !

Decided to visit the Flea Market today, just ‘cause. I don’t normally like going two weeks in a row – when it’s being held that long – but I needed some ‘me’ time. Dearest Son decided he’d rather sleep in, and I had some first of the month errands to run, so I was up early to be home before the heat of the day weighed in. 

Bank wasn’t open as early as I thought, so I was at the Flea almost as soon as they opened, and I’d completely forgotten to get some cash. It was OK, there really wasn’t much new anyway. Was on my way out when I saw a vintage sewing box and another grab bag of sewing miscellany, but the ATM on-site charged $4. And I knew my bank would add another $2., at least. That was more than my stuff cost ! So I told the seller, who always seems to be happy to see me, that I’d have to catch him next time – and he told me to take the stuff anyway ! Turns out, they’ll be there next week, and I’ve been asked to take M & FIL to the Farmer’s Market, also on the Fairgrounds, next Saturday, so I told him I’d catch him up next week. He told me not to worry about it. How amazing is that ? 

So I now own two vintage iron-ons (a gingham puppy and an alphabet block), 13 spools of thread in various sizes and colors, several hand-sewing needles, another half-empty pack of snaps, two different sizes of lace, some gorgeous vintage trim thick enough to be a bracelet, some Kelly green bias tape (double fold), two cards of buttons and several loose ones, and several zippers, one new in package. The other, older zippers went back into the bag – gonna toss everything I don’t want from all three of the bags I’ve bought, and put ‘em back on his selling table. Maybe someone will want that stuff.

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