Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Enjoying the sound of rain . . .

Whoo ! Got in a 24 minute workout (that took an hour) this morning, and improved most of my scores. For some reason, the wiimote just doesn’t register the run portion correctly, so I end up doing it twice, twice as hard each time. Took me twenty minutes to cool down, and it was rainy and cool outside, which helped. Already met my ‘one pound lost every two weeks’ goal, so I think I’m on the right track. Of course, I got HealthCheck to tell me that my weight varies by at least a half-pound (usually more) from one day to the next. . .

I think I’ll keep my ‘right after Beloved Hubby leaves’ workout time slot. I prefer to be alone for it, and Dearest Son is invariably sleeping at that time. Slept like a rock last night, which may also be a side-effect, bonus for me if it is. I like sleep. 

The rain also slowed Dearest down, and he decided to skip Game Day. Yaaay ! Got to IM with S., who asked about us. She’s such a sweetie. Sent me a link to Pivotal Living, a company with a super-affordable alternative to FitBit type devices. Theirs is $12. a year ! If I hadn’t blown my available cash on the Wii (no regrets !), mine would already be ordered. Think I’ll do a bit more research while I’m waiting for funds to replenish themselves. 

The heat and humidity got bad this afternoon – it felt like I was back on the East Coast ! Much as I felt the pull to sew, I just couldn’t do it, I kept dropping everything I was trying to clean up. With that level of extreme clumsiness, who knows what damage I could have done ? So I watched YouTube on the Wii instead !

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