Thursday, August 6, 2015

Perhaps I should have saved this image for Halloween !

Kinda freaky, huh ? I got this vintage Dress-Me doll in one of the Flea Market bundles, but I’m not keeping her. It was nice to have her visit, though. Re-strung her arms with a clear elastic, using an oversized safety pin, and pushed her head back on. Her shoes won’t fit Barbie feet, I can tell ya. Her bra is held on with a straight pin. Ask me, and I’d say that Barbie was a vast improvement over this alien-lookin’ figure ! 

I remember my mother crocheting long, billowy gowns for dolls much like these, and while I didn’t like the dolls, I loved the dresses. She placed six dolls in a gift shop on commission, the shop folded in the night, and she never got paid or the dolls back. I remember that one had a red, white, and blue gown, so it may have been back in ’76. The experience may have turned her off crafts for dolls, as she never made one of them for me, although I asked, several times. She made a few for friends and cousins, but aside from a few sewn Barbie pieces, never crocheted or crafted for me or my dolls. Don’t know why. 

So. This vintage doll is moving along, since I’ll be in the area with M & FIL Saturday (promised to take them to the Farmer’s Market, which they’ve already commandeered into a daylong odyssey, darn it), I’ll just drop her off at the Flea. I’ve about filled one bag with the items I didn’t want from the three grab-bags I bought, if I look around a little more, I’m sure I can pack it beyond full. Might be a waste, though – despite the manager’s claim that they’ll be there this weekend, the Flea’s not on the calendar. I’ll have the bag – and the cash for last weeks’ finds – ready, just in case.

We were treated to an amazing light show – all lightning, no thunder – last night. I’m wondering now if lightning bugs don’t glow when a storm is due, or if it’s just coincidence that I didn’t see them. Despite my hopes, it didn’t rain. I think what I heard was bugs hitting the windows, they do tend to get a bit nutty during lightning storms.

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