Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hope she gets along with Elsa. . .

What a great day ! Got to visit Mal-Wart in the early hours to pick up one of Dearest Son’s prescriptions, and had time to wander a bit. Things are better stocked in Toys, but they’re still scattered and messy. Ours had a three-pack of the new characters from Boo York in the MH section, and a ‘Wheelin’ Werecats’ set of Purrsephone and Meowlody with a scooter. It made me smile, because it’s Ghoulia’s scooter, just with a slightly updated ‘sticker’ paint job. So, if you liked the design, but hated the red accents and cherry print, and would love a black one with a yellow seat and zebra accents, Mattel and Mal-wart got ya covered ! Not sure if either set is an exclusive, but our M-W was well stocked. 

I also saw a ‘Through the Mirror’ Luna doll from MLP Rainbow Rocks, on markdown for $19. Tempting, but not really. She looks just like most ‘human’ MLP dolls, even though she’s supposed to be significantly older, with shoes that wouldn’t look out of place on MH dolls. It was odd, for some reason, to see actual toes. 

We’re still on the Austerity Plan, but I snagged a little something – a Ghoulia figurine from leading Lego wannabe MegaBloks. Such a cutie ! Only $4. Seriously tempted to snag her $10. playset for the props and the other Ghoulia, in her debut outfit ! But that’ll have to wait ‘til the first of the month. I’m thinking Ghoulia’s gonna hang out with Elsa for a while. You may wanna check if your favorite ghoul (didn’t see any guys, as usual) is in stock – she sells for about $8. - $12. delivered on eBay. 

I also discovered something awesome. Much as I love the camera I inherited when we upgraded Dearest’s a few months back, downloading the photos for editing and posting is a pain. It’s much easier to get ‘em off my phone. Turns out, my laptop has a card reader, and the camera uses that exact card type ! So using the actual camera just got a lot easier. Wheee !


  1. Hello from Spain: I really like your dolls. Keep in touch.

  2. I really like the Megabloks mini dolls, the singles being just under $4 means they're plenty affordable to collect. I grabbed one of the werecat twins since I couldn't stand not to have one of them.