Monday, August 3, 2015

Together Again !

You can't love what you wish to be until you love what is now. 
Wow, it’s like it’s my birthday month again ! Took Dearest Son with me to cherry-pick the great deals at the local grocers – new sale starts tomorrow – but decided on a whim to hit the pawn shop in the same strip. It’s the one with the $1. DVDs. They didn’t have anything we wanted on those shelves, and Dearest wanted to check the video game consoles. They had Wiis back in stock, so I asked if they were still the same price ($30.) that they were back over the holidays, the last time I asked. Yes, they were – but there was one, just the unit, no cables or Wiimotes, for $20., if I was interested. 

Hmmm. . . I still had $15. from my first-of-the-month funds, and we still had all the power cables, Wiimotes, games, and peripherals from our old one. That poor thing, we’ve had it since 2008, bought new for once, mostly because I wanted Wii Fit, which was sold out everywhere for months. It got dragged to countless weekends with Dearest’s grandparents, survived what seems like a dozen moves, got taken apart and cleaned at least that many times. It still works, actually, just won’t load older game discs completely and shrugs in confusion at the newer ones. Still works for Netflix and Amazon Prime viewing. But I’m gaining weight, so I decided to save up my monies for a new-to-me console a couple weeks ago, figuring I’d do it next month – wanted to order my Ghoulia wig this month, give it plenty of time to get here before Halloween – but here was a potential deal. GameStop wants $70. for a tested one, with cables and one remote.  

So, with my funds, it’d only cost a few bucks out of House Checking. . . I knew Beloved Hubby would approve. Snagged it ! And spent a draining two hours deleting the previous owners’ settings – Miis named ‘DA BOSS’ and “WII WOMAN 3”, on a router configuration coded ‘SLAUGHTER HOUSE’, gee, I wonder what demographic owned it before ! – and struggling to get it to recognize ours. Removed a copy of WiiSports Resort (surprise !) and loaded WiiFit . It works !! Awesome ! We didn’t own Sports Resort, either, so that was a nice bonus.

I don’t think the pawn shop checked it before selling it, or they would have at least pulled the game to sell separately in a blank box for an extra couple bucks. Ah, well, our gain, don’t complain, right ? (grin) Dearest is all excited about it, almost like it was brand new, and is eagerly looking up games. 

I can tell ya, it works. Wii Fit and the balance board work, too – it’s me that’s slow and waaay off balance in this equation ! I could only do 20 minutes by their reckoning (it took 45 min. on the clock), not counting the two runs I did ‘cause I couldn’t get the Wiimote to recognize my pathetic flailing around the first time. Did better on yoga than I thought I would. I missed it. Unfortunately, all the activities I’ve unlocked on my old version didn’t translate to the new. It’s OK, though – I need to build back up anyway, so it’s good I’m starting from scratch.

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