Monday, August 17, 2015

One of those unexciting 'cleaned the kitchen' days. . .

Accidentally guzzled a caffeine soda last night, and couldn’t sleep last night for love nor money. Beloved Hubby tucked me back into bed and I slept late into the morning, but still felt a bit loopy all day. So I took it easy, did some minor cleaning work around the house, tidied up from yesterday’s Version 2 dress, and spent more of an effort restoring  the weekend-neglected kitchen. Hooray, clean plates again ! (grin)

Snagged about six more freebie embroidery designs – I gotta quit hoarding so much, but I like what I score ! - and plotted out a couple gifts I hope to make S. and her kids for tomorrow’s Game Day. A sort of back-to-school thing, meant to get it done Sunday, so I wouldn’t be sweating out details an hour before we leave, but you know me, I did the doll dress instead. I swear sometimes, I push m’self up against a deadline wall just for a weird form of kicks. Or a challenge. 

At least I worked out all the details tonight, after a very light supper. If things go well, it shouldn’t take too long, leaving plenty of time if they do go wrong to redo ‘em, several times. And, since it’s not like they’re expecting anything, it’s no big deal if the whole thing’s a fiasco. But, if it works, I’ll have used what I got, without buying so much as an inch of thread special. (grin) And I’ll finally use up some of this fold-over elastic, my old FOE !

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