Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Not that I expect mine to look that good, but the hope is still there !

I think, when we have funds available, that I’d like to replace our Wiimote. One is already DOA, the other doesn’t register the Basic Run motions well at all. Drove m’self crazy (and overheated) trying to figure out what I was doing wrong again this morning. It may well be dicey on other games, I just don’t know it yet. What’s funny is, we priced Wiimotes back in ’08 (before buying a game that came with one), and they ran about $30. Today, I can buy a used one from GameStop – for $20. (grin) The console itself didn’t hold value that well !

Decided to start up a food diary again, since that worked well before. I really hate writing down everything I eat, and I can’t lie, so being aware of everything I pound down my throat helps, even if I don’t especially like it. This time, though, I’m using an old notebook instead of the computer. If I keep it up, I’ll upgrade to a nice notebook. Beloved Hubby’s already said that when I’m ready to upgrade to Wii Fit Plus, do it. He’s really been encouraging. However, I haven’t unlocked a fraction of what’s on the original disc yet – it’s only been three days ! – so it’ll probably be a couple weeks yet. 

I think what I like most about Wii Fit is that it’s pretty gentle. I really can go at my own pace – no peer pressure or embarrassment like in live classes at gyms. And while I want the WFPlus disc and a new remote, really, there’s no surprise expenses like gyms. The one local gym I considered joining has several ‘gotcha !’ fees, and it’s the only one that lists prices. The other six don’t. If the display window at Gold’s Gym (ours is next to Dollar Tree) is any indication, there’s a push to buy protein powders and supplements, too. The price of a used Wii, with my old equipment, and the stuff I want is still less than the newbie customer enrollment fees, not to mention monthly subscriptions, always higher if you want month-to-month instead of contract yearly, of course. At least the digital trainers don’t double as scam artists !

My Ghoulia wig is on its way from China, shipped yesterday. Not due to arrive ‘til month’s end or early September. Glad I ordered early ! Also got a $15. credit to, for answering their invitation to take a survey for a small reward, and used it to order a pair of embroidery scissors. Those should be in next week, and the $20. pair only cost $6. for shipping. Yaay !

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