Monday, August 10, 2015

All the ones at our store had their tales up, like they were glad to see ya !

Aldi’s trip ! Overspent a bit, but we have stuffed cabinets with pretty much everything everyone likes. That feels so good ! Beloved Hubby got home so late, he just wanted some of that potato soup, we all love it. Dearest Son went for the pizza rolls he prefers, so supper was simple. Watched Beastly, it was pretty good. I think it might have worked as a series, it was kind of compact as a movie. 

Also stopped by Big Lots since it was on the way, and scored a blue bin to match the green one. It’s actually a bit smaller, but looks a lot better than the Build-A-Bear box. They have the Halloween decorations out, and Dearest was entranced with a skeletal cat. I thought it was neat, too – jointed all over, posable, about the size of a real cat – until I hit the ‘try me’ button and its eyes lit up red and it yowled, howled, and hissed. I fear that Dearest will find the $20. price irresistible. If so, I’m making Kitty Bones a fur suit !

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