Saturday, August 8, 2015

Penultimate Summer Flea haul !

While I’m sorry he’s not feeling well, I can’t say I wasn’t happy when FIL texted me late last night and cancelled their trip to the Farmer’s Market this morning. Freedom ! Of course, I didn’t sleep in much later anyway, I had errands to run, and it was best if I knocked ‘em out before noon.

First on the agenda – the Flea Market. I didn’t intend to walk around, just pay the guy I owed and move on, but it was actually a nice morning, and the arena wasn’t stiflingly hot yet. So I meandered – and had a blast ! Paid my guy, added the ‘didn’t want’ bag to his tables (with permission, I think it actually amused him), found two small bundles of fabric and a wand I wanted. He told me to take these this time, no charge at all. How sweet of him ! I was glad that he accepted the lollipop I offered him – he said the one I gave him last week came in handy. Yaaay !

During my first circuit, I found this vintage Barbie Magic Slate. Cool, but I only had a few bucks, and didn’t really need more wall art. Instead, I spent $3.50 on a very tan Barbie and a Hannah Montana doll, both for their clothes, a wicker doll chair, and (you’re gonna laugh) a Beauty and the Beast Magic Mirror. (sigh) I had one in college, back in ’92, and yes, I loved that thing. Christmas that year was easy – every friend that visited my dorm room fell in love with it, and wanted their own. It’s a little damaged and doesn’t work, but I really like having one again. Got right to work cleaning dust from crevices and scrubbing the sharpie price mark off with toothpaste. Much better ! (happy sigh) 

I also bought a small bucket of doll clothes, minus the bucket, for two bucks. Thought I saw a bit of a familiar print, and took the plunge. Turns out, I was right – the two blue polka-dot pieces were from a Mrs.Beasley doll (remember Buffy’s constant doll companion from Family Affair ?) - her bib and apron skirt. According to eBay, the bib alone is worth anywhere from $10. to $20. ! My finds are in good shape, with the ‘Made in Hong Kong’ tags intact. I also got a striped Francie raincoat, the dresses to Randi Reader and Sweet Cookie, along with several hand-made and hand-crocheted pieces. Plus two single shoes and an odd yarn piece I can’t identify. Not bad for two bucks !

The model car guy asked about Dearest Son, and he had something he’d held for him – a Hot Wheels Back to the Future car, its wheels in hover mode. I snagged that, knowing he’d love it. He did. Next Friday / Saturday is the last Flea for a month, and Dearest already wants to go. 

But for today, I wanted to hit Hancock Fabrics – 50% off the notions wall ! My ‘use the cheap bobbins in Brody’ experiment did not go well. There may have been other factors I’ll test again later, but the main difference was the bobbins. Ah, well. If I have to stick with name-brand, it’d be best to get ‘em cheap whenever possible. Of course, I never get out of there with just one thing, so I can tell you with a straight face that I got a remnant of white-on-white snowflake print with gold glitter, a white vinyl remnant, and ¾ of a yard of adorable Halloween kitty cotton. Happy !

That left me with just one stop – Mal-Wart, for Dearest’s prescription. Beloved Hubby’d requested good bakery bread and some deli provolone, to go with the clearanced Steak-Umms I got from the local grocers’ yesterday, so I got that, and a couple similar markdown loaves before I detoured into the Toys section. MH is looking really bad there, in fact, the whole department was chaotic, and that was with minimal kids in the vicinity. Found a cute pair of My Life As (i.e., knockoff AG) ‘hot pink glitter ballet flats’ that bore a striking resemblance to Timey Tell’s issue footwear, so I snagged ‘em. Less than $3. How Target charges $6. and eBay sellers charge $8. and more is beyond me. 

I was exhausted on the way home, and couldn’t wait to strip, drink, and eat. The heat had returned about two hours prior, and everything was liquidy and shimmery with it. Stupidly, I’d gone out with no breakfast, and my tummy growled loudly every time I spoke. I could have snatched a snack at Mal-Wart, but I figured doll shoes were better than doughnuts. Two glasses of water (and I’m not even gonna say how many gourmet bread slices) later, I felt better. 

Photos of the really tan Barbie – and research results ! – tomorrow. I’m sure you’ll forgive me for redressing and donating Ms. Montana without further comment.

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