Tuesday, July 7, 2015

It's raining again. . .still.

Not my image, but, you know, rain.
Today didn’t start off well, but it ended pretty good ! Was planning on taking Dearest Son to the homeschool- based Game Day for some long delayed social time, but I got a call at 10:30am – M & FIL’s ride to their monthly doctor’s appointment in PreviousTown had fallen through, so guess why they were calling ? 

(sigh) They think it’s just an hour or so, but it takes that long just to get up there and back. Since their appointment is actually to a clinic, the wait takes hours, and I’m stuck in PTown, ‘cause can’t nobody afford that kind of gas for me to run up and back twice. I admit it, I was ticked because there went my day, pretty much – and that wrecked Dearest’s social time, too. So I let it be known we’d do it this time, but Tuesdays were off the schedule from now on, and some gas money (‘cause I’d had no plans that involved running to PTown this week, or this month, for that matter) would not go amiss. I kinda hated to drag money into this, but since they were pretty much commandeering my day, I felt a little less than awful about it. Then they told me they’d invited a friend along. (sigh) And about an hour after that – and an hour before we had to leave – it started raining. A lot. (heavier sigh)

As it turned out, the friend never showed. But since Emmy-car is a two-door sedan,  Dearest and I had to get out and stand while they got in and out, and with just one umbrella, guess who got soaked. And, of course, they needed for me to make a couple stops for them on the way that I wasn’t told about until we were on the move. This is typical of them, but still intensely annoying. But we had a few bucks from FIL, and there’s no sense in remaining upset over what I agreed to do, so Dearest and I decided to have a little fun. First on the list – that good thrift store we don’t get to go to anymore. Bonus – Tuesday was Armed Forces day, which meant 25% off with my VA ID. Yaaay ! 

Pickin’s were kinda slim, but I got Beloved Hubby a new pair of black Levi’s in just his size and a bedding bag of random fabric for $6.50. The Walgreens across the street was busy with after-Fourth markdowns but nothing we wanted, although we did get some soda and a snack. Then it was off to the hometown grocery where I found lotsa goodies in the Dollar Aisle, including drink powders for water bottles and good ole fashioned pitchers. Beloved called – he was on the way home early, and since I was at a grocery store anyway, could I snag some chips if they weren’t too marked up ? Actually they were still on sale, so we got our choices and headed for the registers. 

I was contemplating a trip to either PTown’s Dollar Tree or Tar-zhay, to use our $5. gift card, when I got the ‘we’re done, now we need to go to the pharmacy’ call. Yaay ! Only two and a half hours this time – hopefully the pharmacy would go quickly. (sigh) And then they wanted to grab something for their late lunch, so we did that, too. I ordered a dollar menu snack for us, and FIL insisted on paying for it. Very nice of him.

So, while Beloved beat me home by two hours, and this ‘quick Doctor visit’ took four and a half hours, and it rained the whole time, so I was a wet t-shirt contestant by the time we got back, it wasn’t a bad day. He loved his new jeans, Dearest got to talk all about the car dealership visit to a fresh audience, and at least it’ll be another month before this happens again. And, potato chips !

Digging through my new fabric bag’s gonna hafta wait for tomorrow, I’m wiped out !

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