Tuesday, July 14, 2015

. . . followed immediately by, 'It's just not your week' Tuesday.

At least today was a partial improvement from yesterday ! At Game Day, the Mom Circle did the exact same thing at the new location that they did at the old – at some signal, they all got up and moved away, leaving me sitting there alone. This time, I got up and joined them, but I may as well have been sitting in a refrigerator, I was that frozen out. After yesterday’s emotional storm, this wasn’t welcome.

I also had the displeasure of hearing a five year old – who, luckily, I’d never had the ‘pleasure’ of meeting before – look at me and announce, “I  hate you !”. Her mother just shrugged and smiled. My mother would have backhanded me across my head, not as a warning, but as a prelude to what was gonna happen the minute we got home. Not that I wanted the kid to get hit, but at least a verbal correction would have been better than a shrug. Dearest Son would have had the rest of the day to think about why that was a poor choice of words, because after an apology, we would have gone straight home, so he could begin work on his two to three page essay, "Why We Think Before We Speak" or "How Words Hurt", his choice. Yes, even if he was five. Even at five - and autisic - he had better manners than this little. . .person. Instead, her mother kvetched over whether or not she kept her scarf on. Seriously, that was this mom’s biggest concern, not her reaction to me, or that her kids were playing a noisy game of tag inside a store that was graciously allowing us to congregate there. Nope, she had to wear that scarf. Or ELSE. (sigh)

But, heck, that’s her kid, I hope she remembers these fun times when the brat’s a holy terror in ten years. If it takes that long. The rest of her little pre-terrorist cell weren’t any nicer to Dearest Son, but at least S. and her son O. were there. Her daughter C. pointedly ignored me too, trying to impress her friends, who kept looking over at me, expecting some sort of reaction. They didn’t get one. I was already ignored by all the adults, one more kid’s bad behavior wasn’t even registering. The book I bought was good, though. 

At least Dearest is completely unaware of what I have to put up with so that he gets to have some time with his friend O. I have no idea why I’m persona non grata with these women, I don’t even know most of them, but I’m polite and quiet, so I know I’ve done nothing wrong. Too bad the new place doesn’t have a mother-sized Sit And Spin, I’d have paid for tickets for several rides on it. 

Luckily, it was over soon. Drove to a car lot we’d passed on our way to the Library for years – Dearest wanted to take photos of the two Corvettes that have been sitting there since at least 2008. I promised to make it happen this week. Secured permission from the repair shop’s office, and I even took a couple of him next to the cars. He’s been happy about that all day.  

Unfortunately, it was over 100° at noon, so I wore out pretty quickly. Dragged through the local grocery store – wanted to use my freebie coupons – and we were done for the day. I nearly was. Guzzled four glasses of ice water before I felt stable enough to eat, and ended up getting heartburn from the other three glasses I drank. Really should have attacked one of the sale cauliflower instead of that leftover takeout brisket. Took an unplanned nap in my chair for nearly an hour.

By then, Beloved Hubby was home, and he’s home tomorrow, so I don’t know when I’ll get the chance for that ‘me’ time I promised m’self. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. . .

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