Sunday, July 12, 2015

So lazy Sunday. . .

It was a day to sleep in, and not get much done, so that’s what we did ! Watched movies, munched, napped, and did it all again. 

However, I got bored during everyone else’s second nap, and felt that old itch to create. It’s been ignored for a week, and would not be denied any longer. So I pulled up some  Law & Order : Criminal Intent episodes from the DVR and dawdled a while first. The folding fabric cube I got from Dollar Tree yesterday is already overflowing with fabric, to the point where I really need two of ‘em, but I hope to use some down soon. Yes, I always say that. So I said it again, ‘cause I like it. 

Went through an inbox load of ‘Free Embroidery Designs’ offers and snagged a few. I really liked one July 4th- themed star from 2011, and wondered if the Angelica film I bought a couple months ago was the same as Mylar – lots of designs use it for the color and sparkle, but I’d never tried it before. Turns out, the sample pack of Angelica gave me quite a bit of an item that’s considered better than Mylar, and can be used in any design that calls for it. So, the Mylar Star went on this week’s Three Projects list, which has started up again after a birthday hiatus. 

I kind of wanted to do it and make something new for Dancerella – that Timey dress is seriously faded and worn – but evening was quickly approaching. So I pulled up the Tank Top from Jen Wrenne’s Summer Sew Along and printed out the AG size, figuring it’d work for D’ella, even with a woven cotton. 

Um, no, not really. I had to add about 3/4ths of an inch strips to both sides of the back for it to close, and it still pulls a bit at her tummy. But she can sit down in it, and it does look cute. Free-handed the hem ruffle when I decided it looked a bit plain, and could use a bit more length. Used some of the fabric from Tuesday’s thrift bag, and four of the KamSnaps to close instead of Velcro ™. The snaps were nice, but I probably should have stuck with hook-and-loop tape, so I could adjust it for more ‘give’ in the front. KamSnaps, like any snap fastener, aren’t as flexible as Velcro – those snaps need a certain amount of space, and you can’t make it any smaller once they’re set. The pattern probably would have sewn out fine with a stretchy knit, but just in case, I altered the pattern for next time. It’s a very versatile basic pattern ! 

I wanna embroider so bad, but I’m really sleepy. . .

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  1. Hey, did you see that JenWrenne posted your Merida outfit in her wrap-up of the stuff people did for the sew-along? I thought that was cool!