Wednesday, July 15, 2015

But then, things got better !

After the last two days, ‘me’ time became less ‘make something’ time and morphed into ‘I’m gonna buy me something’ time. Mostly because Beloved Hubby was home today, and he offered to hang out with Dearest Son while I got to go wherever my clutch-foot took me. 

Hadn’t planned on going to Family Dollar, but it was on the way to the thrift that was on the agenda, so I stopped by. Not much there, but I got a half-off card of fake gemstone and faux pearl earrings, fifteen pair for a dollar. Shoot, the earring backs are worth that ! I also took a chance on a $2. Frozen capsule figurine. Luck’s gotta change sometime, right ? Something in me said to get that one in the corner – and it’s Elsa ! Yaay ! One in seven chance, and I got the only one I really wanted - although that ‘ice’ Anna was pretty cool, too. You’ll see her soon. 

But the big prize was at the thrift. Beloved asked me to look for shorts, and I found a pair needing a button – half off that color ticket ! Snagged a pair of 50¢ pair of women’s knit shorts in a wild print, perfect for my 80s-style doll clothes creations. Cleaned up in the paperback book section - scored five out of eight books from the Castle Perilous series, a vintage Voltaire collection, Heinlein’s For Us, The Living, and a Jean Auel novel for MIL, who’s a big fan. At 50¢ each, why not ? Claimed a big coffee mug from the Free box, too. 

Well, you’ve already seen the photo, you know what the really big prize of the day is. I now have my first Disney Animator doll. I had to wander around with her a while, I confess, of all the Animator series dolls, she’s not nearly my favorite. Her head just seems. . .  strange to me. I’d pay full retail for a Charlotte (Princess and the Frog) version !  But her funny face grew on me as we walked around, and hey, she’s nearly complete, and for eight bucks, is about the best bet I’ll get for comparisons between Animator, Playmates, and TollyTots Little Disney Princess dolls.  

She has some damage to two fingers on her right hand, and her hair is a snarled mess, but I think that can be fixed, overcome, or ignored. She’s an understated lovely doll, and I’m so lucky to have found her in such good shape for so little fundage. 

UPDATE : Started in on her hair – found several clear elastics, threads, and a net tangled in the matted mess, so it’s doubtful her hair’s ever been brushed before. Managed to get a brush through it when it was soaked with water, but the frizz is unmanageable. She needs a Downy Dunk, royally ! But I don’t keep fabric softener in the house – skin sensitivity issues - so it may be a day or two before I can get back to Dollar Tree for a small bottle of the stuff. So, for now, it’s braided, in hopes of keeping some of the curl. She has a strange long curl on one side that’s supposed to go over her bangs, but it’s developed other ideas, hence, the starry headband.

Wish us luck !

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  1. Oh wow, I'm amazed that you found her with so much of her stuff! What a score!