Thursday, July 2, 2015

I just had to have that shirt-dress... and well, you know the rest. . .

Decided against the doll, and even Dollar Tree today. Had a visit from M & FIL, who were very happy to learn that Emmy-car is back up and running. It’s gonna be a fine balance between helping them out and being an unpaid cab service, but here’s hoping for the best. With that in mind, I invited them to our Library trip tomorrow, which they happily accepted. I drove them home, and they handed me a box of food from their pantry that they just couldn’t eat anymore, which I happily accepted.

We now have seven packages of hot dogs chillin’ in the freezer, along with three pounds of stick margarine. Won’t need to buy any of that all summer ! Turns out, one of their neighbors gets a church box of chow every month, but doesn’t eat most of it. What M & FIL don’t eat comes to us. I kinda feel bad taking indirect pantry chow, but at least it’ll be used. Dearest Son loves hot dogs, although they’re not good for us, health-wise. I got some odd soups, too, which can be a taste adventure when I’m not sure what I wanna eat. Also several cans of beans and three boxes of generic mac and cheese.

Dearest Son opted to stay home while I ran to Hancock Fabrics for their sale on embroidery thread. I wanted more glitter-sparkle ! Came home with a new tape measure – 60% off coupon for notions, and I’d just given my old one to the girls next door – spools of Holo-Shimmer black and bright multicolor and a variegated spool of pretty much all colors, two patterns, a shirred remnant, a cream colored vinyl remnant, a yard of gorgeous markdown blue batik, and a thin, fine silver-blue cut that was just too Elsa to be left there without me having some. I justified it all by muttering ‘birthday !’ to myself.

Got a box of sale burger patties and the coupon sale goodies from the local grocers and came home to a sound asleep son. Emmy-car is the best birthday present ever !

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