Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy July !

Today. Was. Amazing. Turns out we had a couple bank debits go through twice, and those cleared up in the night, so Beloved Hubby took the chance that we’d have enough fundage and stayed home ‘til the tag agencies opened. And, in another amazing stroke of luck, once at the tag agency, we discovered that the agency bureau is closed Friday and Saturday, so they would be, too. Thank Everything we didn’t wait ! Long story short – quotes were wrong, we had enough, and the sidewalks are no longer safe. Emmy-car is back and I’m driving ! Dearest Son ceremoniously added the sticker to the license plate and Beloved was off to work. Dearest and I had plans to make. . .

We hit the gas station first – was on the way there when her gears became inaccessible three months ago – and got a little acclimation time on the way. Like hanging out with an old, seldom-seen friend, after a minute or two of awkwardness, it’s all comfort and joy. (happy sigh) My Emmy. . .   Went to a thrift store first (bet you were thinking it’d be Dollar Tree. That’s tomorrow), as I knew they often offered bundles of unsold t-shirts really cheap. Got a dozen in a blind-bag sort of mystery package for $4. Great cheep source for knit fabric in a rainbow of colors – if Beloved doesn’t co-opt ¾ of ‘em ! Found a doll I’m probably gonna go back for (more tomorrow, maybe), and Dearest had fun digging through bits of tech and stuffed animals. He’s hoping to find a Lion King Simba. Found a fiber optic flower / music box (Fur Elise) for 99¢ - I still have memories of when those were new and exotic and $20. So I got it, too.

Dearest spent part of his saved-up allowance on a copy of Lego Pirates of the Caribbean at GameStop, and had a fine time discussing how awful X-Boxes are with the staff. Then we hit Mal-Wart, and there went an hour and a half. So much fun being all leisurely in the markdown aisles, the fabric section, and through the toy gondolas. Ours had a cart loaded with fabric bolts for 50¢ and $1. a yard – most of it was sheer tulle and tissue-like fabrics, but I found some beige stretch mesh, a whole bolt and just a fold or three on another. This stuff’s great for illusion elements on skating costumes and other active wear, and lots of doll clothes patterns call for it, too. I emptied the scrap bolt, a yard and a half for just 75¢. Last time I priced it, it was $6. a yard. Also got some bobbins I hope will work on Brody – four for 75¢.

You’ll get to see the My Life doll specs I snagged for $2. – a pair of pink cat’s eye glasses, a pair of purple goggles, both with blue lenses – soon. It was the only “Pink & Purple Summer Eyewear” pack in the bins.

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