Monday, July 6, 2015

It's $5. Yaay, $5 !

Decided I wanted a little adventure today, so I fished the latest flashy ‘Buy a New Car From Us !!!1!!!’ come-on ad / contest entry out of the trash and looked up the website. We’re a guaranteed winner ! Further study of the tiny print showed that the lowest prize was a $5. gift card to Target, so I figured going to a dealership for a few minutes of sales push would be worth the trip, and Dearest Son would love seeing all the new vehicles. It helped that the place was near TRU, which he also wanted to visit.

It was actually quite nice at the dealership. They had an awesome new sportscar on display, all black and shiny and slightly dangerous-looking. I got a great photo of Dearest standing next to it, beaming with excitement. He put it on his Facebook soon as we got home and I was able to transfer it to him. I think that, between me brandishing the ad like a shield, saying ‘we’re here for the $5. Target card’ and them seeing our wonderful but dented and damaged Emmy-Acura drive up, they knew we somehow weren’t in the market for $30K of wow today. But they still treated us nicely, gave us popcorn and bottled water, and let us look our fill at the huge, gleaming trucks and SUVs also on display. We got the card, which was “worth anywhere from $5. to $5,000. !”, although we were advised to check it online or at the service desk at Target before we went on a shopping spree, and were soon on our way. 

Dearest blew his allowance at TRU on MLP, Transformers, and a package of root beer licorice, and was happy. I didn’t buy a thing, but got to see the large MH ‘Freak du Chic’ Gooliope Jellington doll. She somehow seems much larger than Elphie. I liked her, but $30. wasn’t in the cards this week, and besides, a similarly-sized Frankie is due out soon, I’d rather have her. I also got to see the ‘Boo York’ line, or at least part of it. I’d kind of looked forward to Elle Eedee, but in person was less than overwhelmed. Wasn’t much on Luna Mothers, either, which was a little sad. I was mostly glad they didn’t have a Porter Geiss to tempt me, as I’ve been spending a lot on the awesome embroidery sales – not to mention Saturday’s flea market – this week. 

A quick trip to Aldi’s finished out our adventure, and we headed for home. It’s amazing how these little excursions wear me out ! On the plus side, it was hours after lunch before I had the energy or interest to eat, but unfortunately, by then, I was ravenous and ate almost anything I could cram into my maw. Tomorrow’s game day, and there’s no telling when we’ll use our $5. gift card. Yeah, I checked. Since that’s what I figured, I wasn’t disappointed. Well, maybe a little.

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