Sunday, July 19, 2015

I think I'll call her Rose, since I already have Aurora.

I’m not sure how, but sometime in the night, we got ‘staked’. TownOf doesn’t like the length of our weedy lawn (it grows like crazy after weeks of rain !) or the huge tree trunk in the middle of it. Yes, it’s from the tree they insisted we cut down when we moved in. That’s been sitting there since December. We couldn’t get the chainsaw to start, so it’s still there. I’m hoping we can borrow one from one of Beloved Hubby’s co-workers, ‘cause renting one is expensive. 

He also installed the parts we bought – now ya don’t hafta roll down the window and use the outside door latch to get out on Emmy-car’s passenger side ! It’s not so bad in summer, windows are down anyway, but it gets old fast when it’s cold or rainy out. Even the driver gets tired of running around to let the passenger out after a while, no matter how gallant he or she is. So happy Beloved has the skills for stuff like that. He also had to patch a nail hole in his truck’s tire. He’s so awesome. . . 

Found a few new free patterns I like – for people, for a change ! - and the Cat Scarf one requires that I master the hidden hand-sewn Ladder Stitch, so I used this tutorial, from Fern and Freckle. Two scraps and some wildly bad hand-sewing later, I got it ! I think I did it once or twice before, by accident, but I’m happy that I now know how to get that ‘invisible’ stitch on purpose, anytime !

Dearest Son decided he wanted to ditch the recliner in his room and fill the space with his table/ desk that was still remaining in the Studio. So, all by himself, he moved the chair to our room, cleared the space, cleaned off his desk down here, moved it and the stuff on it upstairs. He says I’ll be welcome to see the changes after he’s done arranging and cleaning. Proud of him ! About all I did was try to find room for all the stuff I bought yesterday !

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