Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Fourth !

What a great time Dearest Son and I had at the Flea Market today ! Since it’s so stinkin’ hot and humid before noon around here lately, we got an early start – and clearly we weren’t the only ones thinking along those lines. OurCity was overrun ! Normally this burg isn’t even awake until after 11 on any given Saturday (unless it’s Game Day, and The Game starts at 10am or something), but the combined Flea and Farmer’s Markets were swarmed. Even traffic was unusually heavy. Of course, half the parking lot was cordoned off for more vegetable sellers, so that was crowded, too. Sheesh. 

And it was kind of a waste of an early rise – it was still sauna-hot in the tobacco barn-like buildings that house the markets. The industrial fans tried, and if you stood right in front of them – as many did, chatting away and blocking the circulation to the rest of us – it just blew hot air over your sweat. But I had so much fun ! 

This is what $20. bought there today – copies of Stories Behind Everyday Things, Collector’s Encyclopedia of Barbie Dolls (1991), Barbie Exclusives (1995), and Francie and Her Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod World, a huge unopened pack of napkins, six nice coat hangers, two vintage Mason jelly jars, pairs of embroidery scissors and Fiskars pinking shears, a nearly new Brother ML300 electric typewriter, a classic white men’s handkerchief, a Betty Boop coffee mug for FIL, and a complete Dancerella doll, in wonderful shape. Also the world’s smallest bottle of water. Whew ! Luckily we were able to refill it at the water fountain, but we’re talking seriously chintzy. For 50¢, I expected more than six ounces – especially considering I bought a case of 16.9oz bottles for Beloved Hubby at a local grocer’s the day before for 11¢ each. Next time, I bring my own.

I would have bought more, there was so much to see – but I was out of cash, Dearest Son was restless, and we were both dripping sweat. Dearest made an offer on an overpriced computer, and I was proud of him for conducting the negotiations himself, even if it ended with a ‘I’ll have to ask my brother’ sort of cop-out on the other end. He also asked about a too-expensive X-Box (those are actually cheaper and guaranteed at GameStop), and tactfully waited until we were an aisle away before he wondered aloud at the seller’s pricing notions. 

Still, for all the huge piles of random stuff on tables (and more just piled on the dirt pit floor), most of it was just plain junk or misc. I’d seen before. But nearly everyone was carrying something. I was glad I had the Elsa tote bag, I had to run the contents out to the car twice ! On a trip to the restroom, I discovered that the small root beer floats I’d seen in countless hands were complementary, from the Fairgrounds staff. We thanked them profusely for ours, they were just right as a perk-up from the swelter, and I had to wonder this time at the $14. peach basket (with maybe a dozen in there). 

From there, we hit Big Lots, and I got everyone some dollar-bag chips, some tins of Junior-kitty gooshy food, and some bathroom tissue. Never let it be said that I’m not practical when I’m out fun-shopping. We mostly just looked around, and enjoyed being in an air-conditioned environment for a while. Emmy-car's awesome, but her AC is deader than Zubaz.

Beloved Hubby took the day off, so I joined him for some Netflix, chips, and Barbie books on the sofa. Slept for a bit, dashed together a quick late lunch, and fell asleep. Woke to more relaxation time, and loved every minute of it. What a great day !

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