Saturday, July 11, 2015

Another day, another crown. . .

Nice, quiet day. Begged off (OK, I lied and made an excuse) driving FIL to PreviousTown today, for prescriptions. Evidently, the pharm in PTown is vastly cheaper than the one a block from their new place, but it does involve some not- always- cooperative arrangements. I feel like crap for not doing it, but Dearest Son and I have been with them three out of the last seven days, which is nice, but I need a break ! 

While I would have loved going back to the flea market today, it’s hot again, so maybe next time – whenever that is, there’s nothing listed for the rest of this month, August, or September. Instead, we made a run to Dollar Tree, where I snagged a USB adapter for the cigarette lighter, a folding green storage cube, and an incredibly soft faux-chamois car-cleaning cloth. I have got to make something from that, it’s so wonderful to touch !  

DTree’s already hip deep in Back To School, but that’s fine with me – I can always use school supplies ! Snagged a Frozen pencil case for the markers I also snagged. They’re good for embroidery error touch-ups. On a whim, I got the Frozen snack baggies, too. Had my pick of plastic cups, sandwich containers, and divided plates in that theme, Minions, and Avengers, but, well, I already had the Frozen GladWare and both cups, and wouldn’t use the rest.

On the way home, I decided to treat Dearest to a soda, and his favorite is the slushie-type drinks at 7-11. Well, today is 7/11, and they decided to celebrate with Free Small Icee day, but he normally gets a larger size. So I got a small freebie, and some of Beloved Hubby’s favorite cheese crackers, and the cashier encouraged Dearest to go get a small freebie, too. He was happy as a clam at high tide. I thoroughly enjoyed my usual DTree cheese popcorn while Dearest ‘partied’ (his term) with his snacks and slushies. Beloved appreciated the crackers, too. I was kind of surprised Sevvy wasn’t swarmed – it was actually quieter than usual for a Saturday – for the Icees, especially when Taco Bueno’s birthday celebration yesterday gave you 48% off your meals, and when we went at 9pm, they were still parking-lot packed, wrapped around the restaurant in the drive-through. We dined at Burger King. Yes, I now have another crown.

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