Thursday, July 9, 2015

Dancerella remembers other Mattel 70s dolls !

Sorry, ya’ll. It’s been a hectic week, and after getting five loads of laundry washed, dried, sorted, and put away, and cleaning a day’s backlog of dishes, I’m wiped out ! We didn’t go anywhere today, unless dropping off M & FIL’s order off, as I promised, counts. For various reasons, it is extremely important to me to keep any promises I make to them even though FIL never kept any of his to me .

I kind of over-spent a little over the last week, so we’re on a thin mixture ‘til tomorrow. At least there’s lots of food, gas in everyone’s tank, and plenty still to do ! 

But all I wanna do is sleep. So here’s a photo of Dancerella, wearing an old, faded Timey Tell dress that I bought cheap, intending to take it apart for a pattern. Just couldn’t bring m’self to do it, though.  Traced it on a lightbox instead and made a decent copy that’s a blouse and a jumper, instead of Mattel’s typical looks-like-two, but-is-all-one-piece dress. Felt slippers are the unaltered machine embroidery design Etsy’s AStitchForYou sells for AG dolls. TimeDancer has to sit, or she’ll flash everybody !

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